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If you are interested in butterfly farming, it is our suggestion that you buy Rick Mikula's "The Family Butterfly Book" and see how you like some of the raising experiences it gives! This is a perfect way to try out raising butterflies and when you are ready to go further, below are the best butterfly farming guides to purchase. There are cheaper books available, but if you are serious about butterfly farming then these books are the best investment for your future. You will enjoy these resource books for years to come.

The Commercial Butterfly Breeder's Manual:

Long recognized as the complete source for raising butterflies on a commercial level. Provides several methods for raising and has incredible amount of information not only on the best livestock and hostplant raising but starting up and operating a commercial butterfly farm.

Compare Table of Contents and volume of information to other butterfly raising manuals! This one has ten chapters, and over 150 pages of expert advice.

Compare the author's number of years of experience to others! Nigel Venters has been raising many hundreds of butterfly species in various regions of the world for over thirty years!

A variety of raising methods are presented, along with detailed photos and drawings of raising equipment and set ups.

The Advanced Guide to Commercial Butterfly Production:

Gives detailed instructions, photos, drawings and production spreadsheets for two different raising techniques for a smaller output and a higher volume output butterfly farm.

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The Commercial Butterfly Breeders ManualThe Commercial Butterfly Breeders Manual

The definitive manual on breeding butterflies
The very successful Commercial Butterfly Breeder's Manual has now been revised. Authored by Nigel Venters and Linda Rogers, and with photographs and graphics by Paul Chesterfield, this is a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in breeding butterflies.

The Advanced Guide to Commercial Butterfly ProductionThe Advanced Guide to Commercial Butterfly Production

Get your farm into maximum production mode.
Cut your labor and minimize disease problems with this special breeding and raising information! These methods and techniques have been proven in the field.

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