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Questions for Prospective Buyers

In order to meet your expectations and ensure happiness of the puppy and your family, we'd appreciate your answers to the questions below. If you have any comments or questions, please enter them in the Comments & Questions box at the end of the form. Once this form is accepted, you may send us a completed Buyer's Agreement and non-refundable security deposit.

1) How many dogs have you (and your spouse or significant other) raised? Please describe your experiences with raising puppies and having dogs in your life. Are you familiar with puppies and what it takes to house-train and obedience train a puppy/dog?

2) Is everyone in the home enthusiastic about getting a new puppy?

3) Who will be the primary care giver during the day for the puppy/dog?

4) How much indoor and outdoor space do you have for a dog to play?

5) How many children in your home and what ages?

6) Will taking care of your children other responsibilities make it a challenge for you to care for the puppy's housetraining, obedience training and attention/care needs?

7) Are you prepared to care for the growing puppy in terms of obedience training, veterinary care, feeding quality food, and to spay/neuter your pet?

8) Will your lifestyle allow you to give the puppy/dog the ongoing attention and exercise that it needs?

9) Are there allergy sufferers in your home? If so, please describe the level and type of allergies. (Families with asthma and allergy sufferers will be given the puppies with curliest coats.)

10) If you later discover that introducing a puppy into your home was a mistake (for any reason) will you agree to contact us before taking any other action to sell or place the dog in another home?

11) Our Buyer’s Agreement requires new families to spay or neuter their puppy before the puppy reaches sexual maturity (5 months of age) and to agree that the puppy is sold as a pet only. If you purchase a puppy will you promise to forward proof of spay/neuter to us?

12) Our puppies are sold with a two-year health guarantee against genetic defects, with certain conditions

12a. Will you agree to feed your puppy a quality dog food?
12b. Will you promise to keep your puppy from becoming overweight, and prevent your puppy from strenuous exercise that puts too much impact and stress on the puppy’s developing joints and bones?

13) Cross-breed puppies are not “breed standard” with regard to specific size, coat type, weights, etc.. Are you prepared to accept a puppy knowing that specific size/weight cannot be guaranteed?

14) We strongly encourage our families to work with an in-home trainer for at least 3 sessions to get off to a good start with the puppy, and then later to participate in group lessons for socialization, as the puppy grows.

Will you plan to sign up with an in-home trainer for three sessions? If the answer is NO, please explain why. Homes with children, especially young children, are encouraged to work with an in-home trainer. It's important for all family members to be present when the in-home trainer gives the lessons.

15) How did you learn about Timshell puppies?

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