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"Oliver" the Cavachon"Oliver" the Cavachon

July 11, 2007

Hi Linda,

We are in Santa Fe for the summer and Oliver loves it here.  He's really growing and loves to eat.  He loves to play with his Westie friends, DJ and Bud and here in Santa Fe he has another friend, Moss a 55 lb. Lab.  Oliver has a lot of energy and runs them all wild.  He was the easiest of our puppies to train and is very smart.  He also can jump quite high and has taken to getting on the table, something we have to break him of.  He really has brought joy into our lives and all of our friends love him to.  We haven't had him groomed yet so they refer to him as the Bengie Dog.  We're sending some pictures of him and him and his playmates, DJ and Bud.

Darlene & Bob F.

"Oliver" the Cavachon

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