Golden CavaDoodle Puppies


(Silky/Spaniel Coat)

MaxFrom: Susan S., Austin
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010
Max - Adult Golden Cava-Doodle

My son, Alan, owns Toby and my daughter, Marie, owns Mia (both Timshell Farm Golden Cava-Doodles)! I started the family tradition of owning one of these great dogs by adopting Max in April of 2009 as a 10 week old puppy! He was my "empty nest" solution after our third (and youngest child) turned 21 and our family dog of 14 years passed away at the end of 2008. Soooooo........ he had really big shoes to fill!!

MaxActually, I spent 2 months researching dogs before deciding on Max. I knew we were making another 14 - 15 year commitment. I really wanted to find a great companion dog, one that my husband and I (and someday grandchildren!!) would enjoy sitting and watching tv with as much as being active with! When I read about the specialty cross-breed that Linda & Steve Rogers at Timshell farm were providing by pairing Goldendoodles and King Charles Cavaliers, I knew that I had found something special! And I did - Max is the best dog ever!! Max loves being with us no matter what we do!! At 6 months he went on a canoe trip with the family lasting 6 hours! He happily swam between all the canoes and then slept on my lap on the ride home!! 

MaxMax is now 18 months old and has been my constant companion since the day I brought him home! He weighs 30 pounds and is about 18 inches tall from the ground to the top of his back. He has the spaniel type ears and magnificent feathered tail (see pics!) but the rest of his fur is fairly short and very easy to care for. The retriever in him loves to play fetch - even in the snow!! And he swims with ease! If you throw his ball in the backyard pool - he happily jumps in to retrieve it for as long as you will throw it! And when we are tired of being outside - he will curl up beside me with his head in my lap to watch our favorite tv show! (Oh, and if you rub his tummy - you are his friend for life!!) He does not shed alot nor does he bark much. He is very affectionate and will always sit beside you if he can! He has never met a person or dog that he does not like! He wants to please and we are rewarded with a happy, playful, easy-going friend!

MaxMax (and I) completed beginner, intermediate and advanced training classes and he passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test by the time he was 1 year old! He is very smart and was very easy to train. Last month, Max passed the temperment test at Baylor University Medical Center in downtown Dallas to become part of their Pet Assisted Therapy program! He and I will start volunteering at different Baylor Hospital facilities this fall!

Mostly, though, Max has become a loved member of the family and has added that special bond between people and pets that enriches lives so much!! I am sure you will also find your perfect family addition with a Golden Cava-Doodle! Hope you will keep in touch and send pictures! Call me if I can help with anything else!


Susan S., Austin, TX


Three Silky GCD's in One Family! Max - Mia - Toby