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Purchasing a Puppy
Purchasing a Puppy

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Golden Cava-Doodles

Golden Cava-Doodles!

A Very Special Crossbreed from Timshell Farm!

Silky/Spaniel Coat Fluffy/Doodle Coat
Silky/Spaniel Coat
Fluffy/Doodle Coat

What is a Golden Cava-Doodle? 

Golden Cava-DoodleA Golden Cava-Doodle from Timshell Farm has a medium or small Goldendoodle mother and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for the sire! This crossbreed has been several years in the making. 

There are two distinctly different coat types or “looks”.   Some of the puppies have a fluffy/doodle coat and look more like a Goldendoodle or soft-wave, shaggy dog.

Then, some of the puppies come out with the Silky/Spaniel type coat and look more like small, very pretty Golden Retrievers with a short snout; wide face; large, round eyes; and pretty ears that are longer and have little curls. 

Golden Cava-DoodleWhat are the traits that are bred for specifically? That is, there should be a good reason for a cross breeding that brings an improvement over both of the purebred parents. The Golden Cava-Doodles bring delightful qualities from their Goldendoodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parents. 

These nice-sized, family dogs are bred specifically for

  • Sunny personality with high intelligence
  • Happy, people-loving dispositions
  • Lower-shedding coats - beautiful, soft and shiny
  • Compact size, more portable yet still sturdy enough for play
  • Shorter noses and wide faces – large eyes and ears with silky curls
  • Some will be fluffy and some will have the more “Cavalier” look

Golden Cava-DoodleBy using quality adult dogs for parents, this specialty crossbreeding results in puppies with the “best of both worlds”. The Golden Cava-Doodles are bred to be gentle, loving family dogs that have the outstanding qualities of both wonderful parent dogs. The parents are highly intelligent, have great temperaments, with no “issues”. They have perfect dispositions and are loving, happy dogs.

Crossbreeding the Goldendoodle mother with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sire results in downsized puppies. The Golden Cava-Doodles are a portable, “comfortable” sized dog. The litters of small Golden Cava-Doodles will grow to be about 20 lbs. and the medium Golden Cava-Doodles will be 25 to 35-lbs, depending on the size of the parent dogs.

Golden Cava-DoodleGolden Cava-Doodles are bred very specifically for temperament and sound health. They have a gentler energy level because of the Cavalier element – we call this the “Cavalier Magic”! The puppies are funny, playful and have sparkly personalities but are never hyper or yappy.

Golden Cava-Doodle

Golden Cava-DoodleWhen our puppies are seven weeks old, that is the time families make their selections! Waiting until the puppies are seven weeks gives adequate time for the puppies to develop. At this age, it is easy to see the coat types, the puppy’s eventual “look” (Silky/Spaniel or Fluffy/Doodle), their eventual size and personality!

You may reserve for the coat type or the “look” you like the best!

Golden Cava-Doodle


Soft-Curl Coats (Skaggs)

Silky-Spaniel Coats
(Retriever/Spaniel look)

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Three Silky GCD's in One Family! ...>

Silky-Soft Coats (Riley)
Fluffy-Doodle Coats
(Goldendoodle look,
with fluffy coats)

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Our Golden Cava-Doodle Parents

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Golden Cava-DoodleGolden Cava-Doodle
Golden Cava-DoodleGolden Cava-Doodle
Golden Cava-DoodleGolden Cava-Doodle
Golden Cava-DoodleGolden Cava-Doodle
Golden Cava-Doodle

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