Puppy Travel With Specialty Service Carriers

Puppy Travel With Specialty Service Carriers
We appreciate your concern about sending a puppy via the airlines - we 
know that you are caring,  responsible adopters. 

It took me a long time to think that sending a puppy via the airlines was an ok thing to do.  After much research which included speaking with the USDA (they regulate the interstate shipping of live animals); touring and speaking with the staff at DFW airlines; speaking with other breeders and talking with people that received puppies; we decided to try it on a very limited basis. 

airline travel crate with top handle
It has proved to be just fine - the puppies arrive safe and sound, and if we'd had any trouble whatsoever, we would never send another puppy via the airlines!  We stay with the puppies until they are put onto the plane. They are the last things put onto the plane and the first things taken off.  They do not ride with the suitcases, but travel in a climatized space that is pressurized - exactly the same temperature and pressurization as the passenger cabin where people ride!  They travel with food and water with ice cubes and are tended to by the airline staff we've found to be caring and professional.  The airline travel crate with top handle can be used to carry your puppy to and from the vet's office and on car trips. 

Snuggle Puppy
Travel Buddy!

Every puppy we send out via the airlines travels with a "Snuggle Puppy" (photo left).  The soft, machine washable stuffed "puppy" has a velcro opening on the tummy side.  A plastic, battery-operated heart with a beat (has on-off switch) is inserted into the tummy pouch, with a heat pack, warm for 24 hours.  This way your puppy will travel with a warm, soft buddy with a heartbeat.  The Snuggle Puppy stuffed dogs are great to use in your puppy's crate at home - eliminates anxiety and helps your puppy settle in quietly for the night! 

When the puppy is taken off the plane the crate is carried directly to you where you're waiting for them.  In hot or cold weather, they are transported in climate-controlled vans or trucks.   

What's best is to get the puppy to it's new home as quickly as possible.  With this in mind, air travel with specialized carriers is actually much better for your puppy than the stress of a long trip by auto.   

We use either American Airlines Global Priority Pet Service, or United Airline's PetSafe Program. The puppies are not treated as "cargo" at the airport, but are handled with caring staff trained and experienced in managing transport of live animals and time-sensitive items.  

I hope this helps! 

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