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"Belle" is owned by Kim B. in Arizona. Kim's sister Keleigh also owns two of our Goldendoodles, Bo and Cooper!

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BelleFrom: Kim B.
Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2006
Subject: Belle

Hi Linda,

I wanted to let you know how Belle is doing. She had her final set of puppy shots and weighed in at 19 lbs at 4 months of age. My Vet loves her and always says he could take her home with him. Belle cuddles right up to him and gives kisses. I am glad she has all her shots now we can take her for a walk around the lake she will love that. Belle is very smart and was house trained the first few days we had her. BelleShe knows the command for sit, come, and speak. My family calls her our little circus puppy because she will jump thru the hula hoop, and does a few tricks with a toy bone all for a treat (cheerios)! Belle is very social and loves people she fits in very nicely with our family and has stolen all our hearts. Belle loves playing in the tall grass in our backyard and under the grapefruit tree. Then every night she loves to hunt for Mesquite tree pods for a sweet night treat. But what she loves most of all would be car rides to visit her brothers Bo and Cooper at my sister Keleigh's house. They all love too play together.

I am very happy and just love my little Belle. She truly lives up to her name Belle, for she is a beautiful puppy. Thank you so much for a wonderful puppy and loyal companion.

Kim B.

Attached are photos of Belle with my daughter and son in law Erin and Stephen. Some of Belle alone and with Bo and Cooper.

Belle, Erin and Stephen Belle
Belle Bo, Belle and Cooper
Belle Belle

paw prints

Bo, Belle and Cooper
Hi Linda,

I know I just sent you an email with pictures of Belle, but I had to send you this one I took today of the three Bo, Belle and Cooper. Oh my gosh they are just so cute I can hardly stand it.

Take care,

Kim B.

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