Standard Goldendoodle Families


BobHi Linda,

Bob is the best dog ever, we love him so much and he is the perfect fit for our family. I have attached some pictures for you and I do believe he is the cutest dog in the world. His favorite game is to take something from the room we are all in and running through the house and of course the more we chase and tell him no, the faster he runs, with whatever he thinks we don’t want him to have (towels, laundry, shoes, remotes etc...)

He doesn’t destroy anything he just likes to play. He also loves to play with his sister Daisy (our 10 year old terrier/dachshund mix). He turned 6 months old on Saturday and he has been totally potty trained since he was 3 months old. Bob has also been going through puppy training and knows how to sit, stay, come (in progress) lie down and shake. He loves his trainer, Audra and she comes to the house once a week to work with us.

He is so loving, caring and has never met a stranger. He learned to sit, stay, come and shake within the first few lessons. We are so proud of him and hope to one day get a little brother for him from Timshell. I have already sent several people your way….thank you so much for BOB!!!

Laurie E, Dallas, TX