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I'm not sure if you got my last email, so I'm sending this one...

Some photos of Daisy and I from when we went camping. It was beautiful in Mammoth/Devil's Postpile area (as you can see).

DaisyQuestion: She has not really grown since about 6 months old. She got her Lyme disease shots about the same time. She has been about 40-42 pounds since then (now about 8 months). Will she grow any more?

BTW we love her tons. She has the greatest disposition and has trained me well. She can't get enough ball retrieving and swimming, and loves pigs ears, rawhide and ice cubes (especially in this heat). Thanks for introducing her to our life.

Best Regards,

Michael M.P., Oceanside, California.
September 2004


For more pictures of Daisy, visit  external link