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Harper & Family, Christmas 2005From: Debbi Decola
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Sunday, January 01, 2006

Dear Linda,

Just wanted to check in with you this year. After 14 months of treatment for his brain cancer, Doug had his last chemo in July and is in 100% remission.

I cannot begin to describe to you what Harper means to our family. Each of us has gone through so much grief, pain, anger, and fear. There's been a lot of tears and sometimes a lot of tension. Harper has been there with us through it all. He literally licks away our tears and gives each one of us unique comfort. When our family has been at odds he is the one thing that brings us back together. He seems to know just how to do it. He senses when we need him. He'll make us laugh or give us the affection we need. When our family reflected on the year at Thanksgiving time there were two things that we were thankful to God for that we all agreed upon: one was that Doug was alive and with us, and the other was HARPER!

So, thanks again for being a part of bringing this incredible blessing into our lives.

Attached are a couple of family pictures.


Debbi DeCola

Harper Claus with BrothersHarper & SnoopySanta Harper

Visit external linkto read more about young cancer patient Doug, and Harper his Timshell Goldendoodle friend.


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