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Kay and Joe B., Montgomery, Texas To: Linda Rogerst
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005


Joe and I are so pleased with Zuey our standard Goldendoodle. She is such a joy. We have owned goldens for years and always loved our goldens. We find that the cross of the two breeds creates a good athlete and a calm dog. (also there is very little shedding).We hope that since she is a first generation cross that she will have that hybrid vigor so characteristic of the first cross. As she matures we plan to have her do therapy in the hospitals and senior residences.

Zuey - Pretty GirlBelow are different pictures of Zuey starting at five weeks and going to nine months. Beau, our last Golden Retriever, adored our little Zuey. Unfortunately, he was only able to be with her until she reached seven months. Bone cancer caused him to cross the Rainbow Bridge at age six.

Zuey was groomed on June 29th. We had them do a 1-½ inch puppy cut. She looks so different, but I think it is necessary to groom them to keep the knots out. She is still cute, just different.

Thanks again Linda for providing us with our special girl.

Kay and Joe
Montgomery, TX




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Zuey the Therapy DoodleTo: Linda Rogers
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005
Subject: Therapy Doods

Zuey turned a year in October. We have not worked with her enough yet to pass the Delta test. Here is a picture of her today. Kay



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Click HERE for Zuey's Therapy Dood page.


More pictures from Zuey's album . . .

ZueyZuey and BeauZuey - Just a Pup

Zuey and Beau
Zuey and Beau
I sure love this dog...Kay


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