Medium/Miniature Goldendoodle Cross-Back Puppies



Hi Linda-

I took Fenway to the beach for his "12 week birthday" to enjoy the last of the warm days. He braved the tidal pools in the rocks, but was so sure of the crashing waves. He mostly enjoyed sunning on the beach towels with us. Here's some more pictures. He's about 12lbs now and doing well.

Lisa, Eric & Fenway

Lisa & FenwayFenway

From: Lisa L.
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hi Linda:

Just and update on Fenway with pictures!! He's lost most or all of his puppy teeth, graduated from puppy class (top of the class, naturally!) and put on some height and weight. At 5 months he's getting tall and thin; about 30lbs, 17" at the shoulder.

He's still the smartest, people-loving dog I've ever had. We absolutely love him to death!

These are pictures ranging from 3 - 5 months. The clown costume we bought in September fit perfect, but by the time Halloween arrived, it was too small!!

Happy Holidays,
Lisa, Eric & Fenway



From: Lisa L
Fenway sleeping in!To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Subject: Re: Thank you

Hi Linda:

Just wanted to send some more pictures of Fenway. He's 8 months and 44-45 lbs now. He'll be getting his first full haircut tomorrow. I still can't say enough about how great a dog he is! Smart, friendly, playful, well-behaved (99% of the time), easy-going...I wish I knew more PEOPLE with his personality! :)

FenwayI wanted to ask about any more litters of cross-backs for this year and what the waiting list is like. We are so enamoured with Fenway, that we want to get him a brother! We couldn't get another puppy until after the wedding & honelymoon in November, so I am wondering if you think there might be Christmas puppies?

As you can see, Fenway reallly enjoys making himself at home in our bed. Thank goodness for the no-shed coat!

Enjoy the pictures!

Lisa, Eric & Fenway