Medium/Miniature Goldendoodle Cross-Back Puppies



IzzyFrom: Greg and Debbie W.
To: Linda Rogers
November 26, 2005

Hello Linda. We are finally getting some pics off to you. Izzy is a complete JOY!!! We love her so very much. She is a wonderful dog....everyone loves her....and not just our immediate family. She is very social, loyal, and a great listener. She is so calm for a puppy......people are always commenting on how sweet she is.

Izzy in the snowThe dog trainer was amazed at how "soft" her personality was....she is so eager to please everyone she meets. God has really blessed us with a wonderful addition to our family. Thank well as Finn & daddy for such great doggy genes! One of the best parts is that she hasn't shed a single hair....and with me being a big allergy sufferer....that has been a real blessing!

Note the one picture of Izzy with yesterday's first snowfall. She had an absolute ball! She played in the snow for hours....running full speed ahead...burying her head in snowbanks...she was a regular little snowplow. We had tons on fun laughing at her and having her "fetch" the kid's snowballs. She truly is a joy. My kids are begging for a second crossback dog from you. You might be hearing from us soon!

Greg and Debbie W.