Timshell Farm Miniature Goldendoodles!


Buddy with Debra and Sara
Scott, Debra and Sara’s First Dog!


Linda: Here are a couple of pictures of our Miniature Goldendoodle Buddy. As you can see he is the most beautiful dog in the whole world. Thanks. Scott

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House training has gone very well. We have a crate for him in our breakfast nook when he is totally unsupervised or at night; we also have a 5x5 pen for him in our breakfast nook for when we cannot have our eyes on him 100% of the time. When he is in the crate or in the pen, 99% of the time, he is able to successfully communicate to us that he has to go and eliminate. We take him to the same spot outside to eliminate and we give him hugs, cheers, and either eagle pack treats or some micro-waved, free-range chicken hot dogs slices sprinkled with garlic. Some dog friends and a trainer gave us the tip about the hot dogs; the first night that we made them, poor Buddy received very few, because Scott, Sara and I ate all but a few slices.

BuddyWe are obviously 1st time dog owners and even though we watched a lot of dog videos and read a lot of books, we still didn't know exactly how to interact with a dog. And how we interact with him now, probably isn't necessarily typical. As a result, Buddy probably won't be a typical dog, but he will fit in well with our family. We are trying to integrate him into our life as much as possible. Buddy plays the piano and he swims in our pool, and through some trickery that Sara and I played on him, he has learned not to eat our strawberries. The first few weeks, we played with him in our backyard off leash, and he became a little wild. We, I am certain, contributed to this, and he started nipping at us a lot.

Fortunately, we called an experienced dog trainer for help. The dog trainer had been recommended by a number of vets in our neighborhood and by a colleague of mine who has 2 great siberian huskys - one of them is just 1, and the other was a show dog. The presence that the trainer evoked when she walked into our house was enough to get Buddy to calm down and behave in a more controlled manner. It was amazing, and it was so good for us to see her take control of him. She put him on a leash, and showed us how we can communicate with him using the leash and collar. She also allowed him to throw a few tantrums, while on the leash. This was all a great experience for us. Now he is behaving much better, and we ask him to sit before exiting any doors and before getting his food. The poor little fellow has so much trouble waiting calmly in a sit position for his food. He has so much energy, and he is so playful.

Buddy is great for Sara and for all of us. I will send some stories to you soon. Anyway the bottom line is that he is a lot of work, but we love him! Also, he doesn't shed! He is so beautiful! Take care and if you ever need a recomI'll email you soon with some pictures. Debra mendation, please feel free to provide a potential client with my name and email address.

I'll email you soon with some pictures. Debra

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I wanted to give you a quick update on Buddy. First of all, we really love Buddy, and we are so pleased that we stumbled upon you and your farm. Our lives have changed forever. Buddy is fully immunized now, and we have been taking him everywhere with us. He knows where his seat is in our minivan and he hops up and mostly cooperates when we put his seat belt on.

He is so much fun to take places, because he really likes to interact with people and he is very curious. You must have done an excellent job socializing him!

Sara & BuddyHe really enjoys swimming now. From the steps of our pool, he jumps about 6 feet into the middle of the pool and then he swims back to the steps and repeats the whole process again, and again and again. We let him swim for about 10 minutes, and then take him out, because after 10 minutes he typically has drunk a lot of water and needs to eliminate. The problem that we are having now is that he cries and/or barks when he is not in the pool and we are. Next time we swim, we are actually going to sneak out and get our swimming in first, then invite him out to join us. 

BuddyWe are taking him camping and hiking in a couple weeks and we are really looking forward to our 1st vacation with Buddy. We have more pictures and we will send them soon. He weighs 30 lbs now, and is getting cuter and cuter.

Take care and thank you so much for raising such a wonderful dog!



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