Timshell Farm Miniature Goldendoodles!


Sammy - First DayMother: Bobby (Golden Retriever)
Father: Jumah (Miniature Poodle)
Born: February 22, 2004

Hi Linda!

At the time of this writing, Sammy is four and a half months old. He was only six pounds when we picked him up at the airport two and a half months ago. Now he is almost thirty pounds!

Sammy - First Day with GirlsHe is an adorable, social, loving, energetic, and fun dog! There’s a big dog park in the woods near our house and we take him there often. You see every possible size, shape, and type of dog there – and Sammy loves to play with them all. He finds ways to play with a toy poodle, or a big, tough Rottweiller. He is very well socialized with other dogs! Equally, he loves to meet new people and already has made countless human friends. Our elderly neighbor will call if she hasn’t seen Sammy for a couple of days - she needs her Sammy fix!

Dressing upHe is also a well-behaved dog. We have been crate training him, and he became housetrained quickly and easily. He only has accidents when we’re really not paying attention to his cues to go out. He understands many words and listens well – most of the time. He is starting puppy kindergarten this week, so the listening and understanding should continue to improve – he is a very smart dog.

Learning ChessHe really is just a big fluffball, very joyful and exuberant. As for his hair, I think we may have gotten the “light shedding” goldendoodle. As long as I brush him out every day, he doesn’t shed, but I do get a brushful of hair. I’m not sure if that’s typical or not. Everybody loves the way his hair looks! It’s wavy, golden, soft, and silky. At first, we were afraid we were all allergic to him, but it turns out that we got him just at the start of a bad pollen season. Our symptoms disappeared with the pollen and we haven’t had a problem since.

Sammy on PillowSammy loves to lie in the hosta plants. We say he looks like a dog on a bed of lettuce! Also, he loves to swim. We take him for hikes in the woods and he seeks out any body of water to take a dip. If all he could find is a puddle, he’ll lay right down in the middle of the puddle – looking like a doggy island! He even loves to take baths – but only for five minutes, then he’s lost interest. Still, he’ll stay obediently until he’s done being washed.

Which one isn't stuffed?As you can see from these pictures, he’s learning the game of chess; he tolerates dress-up; and it’s often hard to tell him apart from our daughters’ stuffed animals! What more can you want in a pup? We are all hopelessly in love with Sammy and he brings much joy and laughter to our lives.

Best regards,
Anne D.



Sammy with FamilyJustine & Sammy in the Car
We think they just grow everything big in Texas. ;)


From: Anne D.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005
Subject: Sammy update

Hi Linda!

Thought we'd send you an update on Sammy, the (large) miniature Goldendoodle (born February 2004)! I've attached some pix too. I wrote it so it could be added directly to our page on the website. We love our dog & we're always happy to recommend Timshell Farm Goldendoodles! You guys have the best website too!

19 months old and Sammy still has lots of puppy energy. He does not tire easily, but he's very well-behaved in the house. In fact, Sammy has NEVER chewed anything he wasn't supposed to after the first few months of being with us. We hear that is unusual for dogs. However, he does like to move socks around. Beware if anyone leaves a stray sock in his reach - clean or otherwise. It will end up in a different place. Sammy has a field day when a fresh basket of laundry is placed in the hallway for my daughters to put away. As they generally don't rush to do this chore, Sammy will displace each pair of socks he could find in the basket . He doesn't chew them, but our home often looks like a sock graveyard!

Weighing in at a (seemingly) final 57 pounds, people laugh when we tell them he's a miniature goldendoodle! Apparently, he's stretched the upper limit of that category. All we can say is, there's more to love!! (We wouldn't have him any other way).


Sammy with best friend Ruby, who is also a goldendoodle - but not a mini. Can you tell who's who?

Sammy & Ruby