Timshell Farm Miniature Goldendoodles!


SophieSophie at 16 weeks
Parents: Bobbie and Jumah 

Dear Linda:

I will take more time later to write you details and photos. In short --- she is perfect and adorable. Could she be brighter? NO! She is remarkable. She tells me when she needs to go out but if I don't respond right away, she has accidents. When she is playing she waits to long to tell me but other than that her training is going very well.

OH -- her name is Sophie. I am putting in invisible fence for her so she has plenty of space to run. She is a great companion, likes to be right with me or at least keep me in view. When I saw the vet again yesterday, she said she has fallen in love with her too. We think her coat will be wavy, not curly which is good for grooming. She doesn't seem to shed at all.

SophieShe knows the command "sit", and is learning "stay", and loves to retrieve toys. She knows her name, the words treat and bedtime and outside and probably plenty others. She tilts her head and talks to me throughout the day.

Right now she is laying at my feet while I write you. She deserves to have the best. I'll send photos tomorrow. You did a great job, Linda. One uninformed vet around here thought I was going to get a shedding, barking, hyper dog. And when Sophie saw her a week ago (not the Vet I like best), she sat perfectly still all through her exam. I loved it.

Best regards, Connie


More pictures of Sophie
pictured here with a 75 lb lab and 70lb Briard mix.

Sophie & LabSophie with family
SophieSophie at play!