Timshell Farm Miniature Goldendoodles!



Hi! We are doing well with Woody. He is very sweet and energetic! We ordered a crate which ended up being too big. I am getting a 30" crate instead. In the meantime, Woody has been sleeping in the shipping crate (door removed). He is basically in the kitchen, with gates on the openings. I am waiting for the regular crate to arrive to start the crate training.

WoodyNow that Woody has had his first heartworm and tick/flea meds, I take him outside to relieve himself. We still have some newspaper in the kitchen, but the area of paper has gotten smaller.

WoodyIn terms of cute stories... Woody is a typical puppy. He loves to steal shoes and napkins. When he sees us coming, he runs the other way. We chase him and he darts all over--the key is to outnumber him!

All the best,
Andrea H., New York.