Petite Goldendoodle Coat Changes From Puppy to Adult

The coats of the Petites can start out “parti” (See Buddy below) and this is a white coat with spots or patches of a second color. See how Buddy is beautiful when grown, but completely different looking from his puppy photo. So, when choosing a coat type, it’s best to be flexible and know that a parti-colored coat may fade as the puppy reaches adulthood.

Petites can have a solid-color coat, a gold or cream coat with white spots or markings (see TEDDY below), or can have a “parti” colored coat. A puppy’s coat will often change, deepening, lightening or sometimes if they are a parti coat, they will lose some of their spots or they will fade over time.

BUDDY with his puppy photo
"Parti" coat - Buddy
"Parti" coat - Buddy (puppy)

TEDDY with his puppy photo
Solid-color coat - Teddy
Solid-color coat - Teddy (puppy)

ROOKIE with his puppy photo
Rookie (adult)Rookie (puppy)


JAKE from puppy to adult
Jake (puppy)
Jake (adult)


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