Our Medium Petite Goldendoodles



RileyFrom: Adrienne & Bill T. - Dallas, TX
Sent: Sept. 23, 2008
Subject: Update on Riley

Hi Linda,

I wanted to send you some photos from our first weekend with our wonderful new puppy, Riley. He's adjusting very well and has made good progress with crate and potty training. We love him so much!

Thanks again for everything. I'll continue to send pictures as he grows up.

Adrienne, Dallas TX


November 10, 2008

Hi Linda,

RileyHope all is well with you and Steve (and your pets). I'm emailing a little update on our Riley Bear. He'll be 4 months old next week! I can't believe how fast he's growing up. It seems like we were just at your farm picking him out of Zsa Zsa's litter. 

Riley has mastered multiple commands: sit, stay, down, shake and roll over. He's just started to jump up on people, so that's our current focus. :) We haven't had a potty accident inside in almost a month!! 

His last set of vaccinations are coming up, along with his neutering. We're excited to finally be able to take him out and introduce him to the world. We're also going to enroll in puppy kindergarten. I bet he'll be the star pupil. 

Take care,

Adrienne & Bill T.


RileyFebruary 20, 2009

Hi Linda,

I was just thinking that I needed to send you an update on Riley! There's so much to tell...the photos attached are in chronological order.

His neuter and micro-chipping went smoothly, he healed quickly. At Christmas, Riley had his first road trip. We went down to Austin to see family. He did great, he slept most of the drive. 

Riley loves going to the dog park and getting muddy. We also hike through a nature preserve in Plano. We're looking forward to taking him swimming this summer - I bet he's going to love it. 

My parents adore Riley - like true grandparents, they spoil him silly. They come over just to see him; Bill and I are an afterthought. :)

We've been attending a Puppy Kindergarten class since January. Time has flown by - graduation is on Monday. I'll send pictures (there's going to be lots taken). Our instructor pulled us aside this week and told us that if we'd like to continue obedience classes, he wants us to "skip a grade" and go right into the Intermediate class. He thinks Riley will be bored in Beginner's. We're excited (and a little nervous) - we'll be the only puppy in the Intermediate class. The woman who teaches Intermediate is also a 'tester' with Therapy Dogs International. Since we're considering therapy training, it seems like a good fit.

RileyWe took Riley for his first groom this week (last pictures attached). We love his longer hair, but it was getting a bit high maintenance. I also know that it's better to get him introduced to the grooming process while he's still young. We were so shocked when we picked him up - it was like bringing a different dog home! I think it's really the first time that we've seen his eyes!! He's much better at catching tennis balls out of the air now, too. 

Riley loves everybody and everybody loves Riley. Children (and adults) constantly run up to him to pet him. He puts a smile on every face he passes. Everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is and where we got him. Can't tell you how many times I've shared your contact info. Again, thank you so much for breeding such high quality pups. Riley is truly a perfect addition to our family. He makes us so happy. 

Hope you enjoy the pics. 

Take care! - Adrienne & Bill T - Dallas


RileyFebruary 4, 2009

Hi Linda,

We graduated Puppy Kindergarten last night! Riley also won an award for longest Down Stay. And.....he won the grand prize (big bucket of toys) for Best Trick!! We're so proud of him!

Our intermediate class starts next week.

Take care,



April 30, 2009

Hi Linda,

I wanted to share some more pictures with you...we spent Saturday at the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown TX. We couldn't walk more than 10 steps without someone stopping us and asking about Riley! Everyone had to pet him. He loved all the attention. After a few hours, I was exhausted from all the talking! 


We ran into another GD owner who also got her dog from Timshell. It was so funny to watch the two pups play - they both wanted to "hug". 

Take care,

Adrienne T.


August 21, 2009

Hi Linda!

I'm so behind on sending you pictures! We celebrated Riley's 1st birthday on July 30. We all had so much fun! He got his first taste of steak (with asparagus and potato, of course) and he had a special doggie cupcake. We also took him to Unleashed (the indoor dog park here in Dallas), since he LOVES running around with other dogs.

Looking forward to the doodle romp at your farm this fall. Take care!

Adrienne T.


April 2010

Hi Linda,

Hope all is well with you and your family. It's been many months since I've sent updated pictures of Riley. We've been so busy! The highlights: Riley went through numerous training classes last year and passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test; he had his first swim in the ocean (well, technically the Gulf) when we went to Port Aransas; he loved playing in the snow storms we got; and we just got back from a trip to Georgetown, TX where we made sure to take lots of pictures of him among the gorgeous bluebonnets.


I know I've told you this repeatedly, but he's such an amazing dog. We get stopped everywhere we go by people who want to pet him and ask what kind of dog he is. He's a superstar! 

All the best,

Adrienne T.