Our Petite Goldendoodles



TannerHi Linda!

Chris and I are having a fantastic time with Tanner. Last Saturday we took him to the vet for his second round of shots. He didn't gain much weight at all (weighed in at 7 lbs, compared to the 6 1/2 lbs from his initial vet visit).

Tanner is an extremely bright puppy. He already knows to go to the back door when he needs to 'go potty' or 'do his business'....two terms he already knows and responds to. We are still working on the 'Come' command and the 'No' command. I think those may take awhile.

TannerWe just adore his personality! He is such an explorer and isn't afraid of anything, nor anybody. We have had radios, tvs, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners on (when he has been near them) and he isn't afraid of the sounds at all. We go about our business and he takes it all in stride.

We have this Austin Stone retaining wall in our backyard and he just loves to get on it and walk (sometimes even run) up and down it. The wall goes from about 1 ft high and elevates to about 5 ft. high.

TannerSince we really can't take Tanner to other places just yet, we have had many people over during the past three weeks and he has played very well with people of all ages...from infants to 60+ years old. There hasn't been one person who has not fallen in love with him. We have given your website to numerous people...

I am attaching pictures we took of Tanner over the Holidays. Thanks for checking up on Tanner. We just LOVE him so much. He is the most adorable puppy...he makes us laugh and has added so much joy to our lives already.

Thank you very much! He is just perfect!!

Nicole and Chris W. :)
Dallas, Texas


TannerFrom: Nicole W.
To: linda rogers
Sent: Monday, April 17, 2006
Subject: Re: update on Tanner


Tanner turned 5 months old on April 5th. He weighs almost 17 pounds and I am not sure how long he is. He looks very big, but it is deceiving because he is all fluff and fur...if he is wet, he looks like a skinny drowned rat.

Tanner is completely house broken (has been for awhile now) and he knows how to sit and lie down. He taps the blinds on our door to let us know if he needs to go outside to do his business...he is very NON-vocal which is great!

TannerHe loves our walks..we go on a 3 mile walk about 3-4 times a week and he loves it. We take him every Saturday to the local doggie park and he has a blast there. He gets loads of attention, especially the people, inquiring about his breed etc. I have given out your website to many people!!

He is so funny in the snow!! He is enjoying all elements of nature that CO has to offer...very much loves to be outside during the day, but inside with us at night. He sleeps in our room (in his crate), but would rather be out of his crate on the floor...he'll start on our bed, but jumps down to sleep on the floor. Then one of us has to pick him up and put him in his crate...he's not thrilled with that at all.

TannerRight now we leave our door ajar so he can come and go as he pleases from the inside of our house to the backyard. (We are in the process of finding a company that makes storm doors that have a doggie door in them. This way we won't have to keep our door open all the time. Otherwise every 5 minutes Tanner changes his mind and hits the door...inside, then outside, then is just easier to keep it ajar for right now.) I guess you can say that Tanner has trained us!!

He sheds a little bit. It is noticeable on very dark clothes...but compared to 'normal shedding', Tanner's shedding is nothing.

We had him groomed, but we don't really like the way they trimmed his hair around his face...when he drinks water, he looks like he has a dirty-beard...but that is will grow.

Hope you are doing well. We are in LOVE with Tanner...and he makes us smile and laugh everyday. Thank you again for him...he is a doll!! I can't imagine our life without him...he is truly perfect!

Chris W., Parker, Colorado