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Vaccine Schedule for Puppies and Dogs



DHPPC— Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus & Coronavirus

This vaccine needs to be given as a part of the puppy series (booster vaccines 3 weeks apart from 6-18 weeks of age) and again at 12 months of age. It will then be given once every 3 years unless indicated otherwise based upon the needs of the pet.


This vaccine is to be given at 3-4 months of age and boostered every 6 months. It is required every 6 months at our hospital for all hospitalized, boarding, surgical and dental patients.


Per state law, this vaccine is to be given at 4 months of age, 12 months later and then every 3 years using a 3 year vaccine. It is our recommendation that pets at high risk of exposure to rabies (hunting and working dogs, camping dogs and rural/country dogs) be vaccinated at a more frequent interval. Rabies is fatal not only to animals, but also to people!


This vaccine is recommended annually for those dogs exposed to ticks. Not all dogs need this vaccine. It is our strong recommendation that all dogs at risk of exposure to ticks be placed on tick repellant/insecticidal products.


This vaccine is only recommended for hunting, working, and outdoor/rural dogs. Leptospira is contagious to people. Unfortunately this vaccine does not protect against all of the serovars (sub-types) of this disease and therefore your dog cannot be considered fully protected from this disease.