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Good Golly Miss Molly!


Molly is the youngest Therapy Dog the Phoenix hospital has ever had... The average age is 6 years old - she took the test right at a year old (have to be) and started at 16 months of age, at the Children's Hospital...

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From: "Teri L."
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 2:56 PM
Subject: Molly the Service Dog!

Molly the Service Dog!Hi, Linda: This is Molly in her Phoenix Children's Hospital bandana. We have such fun visiting the kids! She hops into bed with them, plays balls in the hallway, does her tricks - they love her "whisper" the best!

A few weeks ago we visited a very sick little boy who has been in the hospital for months. He misses his 3 dogs and loves when Molly visits. The Doctor was concerned he wasn't eating at all so she suggested that he and Molly share a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal. He loved that idea so he'd eat a spoonful and then give Molly a dry one. Molly lay across his stomach and just waited for her next Fruit Loop. The Doctor was so thrilled he ate that we went back and had Fruit Loops the next day...(:>)

I can't believe how much I love my special friend...she still comes to work with me everyday and is on the TV show. She is such a love, so much fun. She loves people and her dog friends...and her mom! She will be 3 in January and can still out run all her dog friends. She does really quick turns and soccer type moves.

Hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving! Teri & Molly


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