Two Timshell Farm Goldendoodles!


Lucy and Guinness

Lucy and GuinnessJanuary 21, 2007

Hi Linda!

We are happy to say that Guinness is doing really well. He is playful, loving, and confident- a perfect puppy. We are still working on house training but he is almost there. We have fewer accidents every day, thank goodness! We recently started with a trainer in the home and she seems wonderful. Not only is she working with Guinness, but she is helping with a few of Lucy's bad manners as well.

Lucy didn't know what to think of Guinness at first- we're pretty sure she did not like him at all (must have been all the attention he was stealing!). But, she has warmed up to him and now they play together all the time. Their favorite game is tug. It’s so cute to watch and we keep trying to get a good picture of it but they run around so much its almost impossible to catch on camera. Guinness also follows Lucy everywhere, which is especially helpful when we put them into their crates at night. If Lucy is in her crate, Guinness has no problem being in his. But if he knows she is out, he will bark and bark! He doesn't want to miss out on any fun! We're so glad that we decided to get a second dog, he really has fit in from the second we brought him home.

Lucy and Guinness

We will continue to keep you updated, thanks again for sending us such a great puppy!

The McHale


Lucy and GuinnessMay 27, 2007

Hi Linda,

So sorry it has taken us so long to get in touch with you. We just finished our spring semesters of grad school and have just a little bit of time to rest before summer classes begin. Needless to say, we have been busy and our two "kids" have been keeping us even busier!

Both are doing absolutely wonderful. It took Lucy a little while to warm up to Guinness but now they are inseparable (which may, however, be due to the fact that Guinness refuses to leave Lucy alone). We are doing a lot of training with both dogs. We had gotten lax with Lucy but now with two, it seems absolutely necessary to have them both well behaved and trained.

Guinness is actually getting neutered today. I'm sure he will not come home a happy camper today!

GuinnessWe took both dogs to the dog beach the other day. It is Lucy's favorite place to go, she could just swim all day if allowed. Guinness was a little hesitant, he only got in the water up to his legs and then would run back on the beach. We're hoping that he will follow Lucy soon, we know he will enjoy it. Next time we're there, we'll have to take pictures to pass on to you.

I have attached some pictures for you. They're not super recent but the one of Guinness on St. Patrick's day does him justice. He is about 45-50 pounds and the vet doesn't anticipate him getting too much bigger. Both are great, thanks again for such fabulous dogs!

Take care,
The McHales