What Happens Now?


What Happens Now?After You've Reserved Your Puppy?
After the Puppies Are Born?


What Happens After You've Reserved Your Puppy

After you have reserved your puppy with Timshell Farm, we will provide you with updates as to the progress. We will let you know when the breedings have taken place, when the mother dogs are "showing", and of course, we will let you know as soon as the litter is born!

While you are waiting for the puppies to arrive, it's a great time to get a book or two from those listed in our Reading Corner on the Goldendoodle Page of the website. There is so much great new information on crate training, obedience training and getting the family and the house ready for the new puppy. There is a Puppy Shopping List in the Reading Corner, also that should be helpful in preparing for puppy's arrival.

Time to line up a vet if you don't have one, and find a good obedience trainer. Obedience training is the secret to making a good puppy into a truly great dog. We strongly recommend puppy kindergarten and dog obedience training sessions, once the puppy has had all of it's immunizations.

What Happens After the Puppies are Born

We will notify you once the litters are born and are doing well, and we will let you know how many males and females there are in the litter, and if you will receive a puppy from this litter or the next litter. We go by dates of deposits and have to wait until the litter is born to see how many males and females there are! Sometimes it is necessary to have your reservation moved forward to the next litter, if the sex of the puppy you want is not present in the litter.

We will send out photos each weekend, so that you can watch the puppies grow! We'll let you know how they are progressing. All immunizations and dewormings are done as per vet's schedule, and socialization starts the day the puppies are born with much human handling and bottle feeding. We supplement feed the puppies every day to help them have the nutrition they need and to keep the mothers from becoming so depleted.

The balance on the puppy is due two weeks after they are born. Please make a check payable to Linda Rogers and mail it to PO BOX 681, Corsicana, TX 75151.

Shipping: please see our Puppy Transportation Information page, HERE.

Puppy photos will go out each weekend. We take group photos and some individual puppy photos so you can see their faces up close.

Matching people with puppies is not done until they are about 7 weeks old. We wait as long as we can to let them develop as much as possible before we match puppies with families, using the preferences given to us on the Buyer's Agreement. Once the puppies are 7 weeks old and the match-ups are done, we will send you a photo at that time of your own Goldendoodle!

Puppy selections are made after we spend two full days of intense observation of the puppies, making notes on puppy behavior and then matching those notes with the preferences you gave us on your Buyer's Agreement. This includes behavioral aspects as well as coat types (wavy/shaggy or soft curl), allergy concerns and coat colors you prefer. It is relatively easy to provide everyone with a gentle-natured Goldendoodle because our puppies take this quality from their parents - our puppies are well known for sweet dispositions and people-loving personalities.

If you are having your puppy shipped to you, we will make all reservations and will take care of everything. We'll let you know the flight number and arrival time.

Be sure to have a checkup appointment scheduled with your vet. Remember that puppies should not go out in public until they have had all of their immunizations - this is a must! No public parks, walks in the neighborhood or obedience training outside the home. Some people get an in-home trainer to come and work with the puppy and all the family members, then continue with obedience training classes later when the puppy has had all immunizations.


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