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The Goldendoodle Website RESPONSIBLE DOODLE OWNERSHIP external link
Good Golly Miss Molly!

Molly's column in Loving Pets Magazine

Good Golly Miss Molly!
A Timshell Farm Goldendoodle Goes to Work for a TV Station! external link
See also Molly's column in Loving Pets Magazine

American Kennel Club American Kennel Club external link
Orthopedic Foundation For Animal Orthopedic Foundation For Animals external link
Life's Abundance

We now feed our puppies Life’s Abundance puppy food the Center for Clicker Training external link
All Creature Care
An archive of questions submitted by pet owners and articles written in response by Dr. Hines. Don't find the topic you want? Ask Dr. Hines to write it for you. Have your own webpage? Please consider linking to this page: external link
ClickerSolutions, a Web site and mailing list dedicated to helping pet owners improve the relationship with their pets by teaching training and management techniques which are understandable and reinforcing to both human and animal. external link
Pet Art by Adam Thomas Pet Portraits: Preserve a picture of your precious pooch or cute cat with Illustrations by Adam. Adam Thomas recently presented Heidi with a beautiful hand-painted and framed portrait of Molly, the "Your Life A to Z" TV set doggy. Molly seemed to like her image, too, as the cameras caught her looking at her new picture. Adam simply took a photo of our darling dog, Molly, and came back two weeks later with a beautiful painting that will be cherished forever -- it looks good on the set, too! external link
Dog Lovers Learning Center

Dog Lovers Learning Center
A Directory for Dog Lovers! Learn about best dog products and do health and training. We give you great information on dog training, health and products.
external link

Goldendoodle Stuff Goldendoodle Stuff - An on-line shopping site offering doodle related merchandise, including calendars, t-shirts, bandanas, key tags, watches, wall clocks, thermal mugs, and water bottles! external link
Cesar Millan's Tips for New Dog Owners
Kuranda Dog Beds Kuranda Dog Beds
external link
"Puppies can do a lot of bad things to most beds. Kuranda have a bed that can survive the puppy stage and remain your pet’s favorite place to go to for the rest of his life. You can start him out right away on a Kuranda bed, if he soils his bed, you simply take it outside and scrub it. If he’s a “chewer,” the patented “chew proof” design will outlast the most vigorous chewer."


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