Timshell Farm Cava-Poo-Chon


Mother, Sire and Date of Birth

Roxy & Spanky – February 2011

Adult Weight

15 lbs.

Roxy, Mother (Cavachon)


Spanky, Sire (Toy Poodle)

Bama (second from left end) and Her Sisters
Bama (second from left end) and Her Sisters

Bama - 8 Weeks Old
Bama - 8 Weeks Old

From: Renee A.
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2011


I’m sorry this email is long overdue!! We have had the most incredible summer with Bama in our family!! We could not have asked for a better puppy!! I am so glad we took that leap!! We have had NO problems with Bama since the day we picked her up!! She slept all night in her crate from the very first night we brought her home. We laugh so much more with her here!! The neighborhood kids love her too! She knows the car alarm means a ride, puppy seat belt and all!! She knows the front door keys mean it’s time for a walk!! Many times we even take her collar off to let her run with the kids outside the fence and she is obedient and never runs off!!

We still crate her when not home but she does not destroy the house while I do laundry or dishes, etc. When I am out of town as a Flight Attendant and my husband is at work, she goes to Nana and Grandaddy's. She has two homes, two crates, two collars, two sets of toys, etc!! I think of you often and wish you could see her!! I will tell you one funny story...she gets so excited to get a treat after doing her business and coming in when called that she jumped with it in her mouth and got choked. She was panicking but I picked her up and did the hiemlich manuever on her. The treat flew out!! My Flight Attendant training paid off!!

Two nights ago I dreamed someone stole her, crate and all. So you see, I really love that girl!! Everyone said it would be like having a newborn. But it has been the best parts of having a newborn, not all the negative they tried to sell us!! Thank you soooo much for being such awesome breeders and getting her off to a fabulous start!! I am attaching pictures. Use any of this email or pics as you wish! Take care!

The A. Family

Freddie, Renee, and Jo


July 22, 2014

Hello Linda & Steve!!

I am so happy to report that Bama has been the biggest blessing and source of joy for our family!! She just received her therapy dog certification from Therapy Dogs Incorporated! She and I are now a therapy team that travels to nursing homes, hospitals, and schools to bring love and joy to others. She is not just a dog and a family member, she is now contributing to our community! We love her so much! Thank you for providing an amazing start to something so beautiful! We have passed on your information to so many friends and strangers...but Bama never meets a stranger! She turned 3 on March 1st and we do not know how we ever got along without her before then!! Here are a few pictures to share along with our report! Thank you again!!

Renee A.