Timshell Farm Cava-Poo-Chon


Mother, Sire and Date of Birth

Jam & Spanky – December 2012

Adult Weight

14 lbs.



Jam (Cavachon Mother) & Spanky (Toy Poodle Sire)
Jam (Cavachon Mother) & Spanky (Toy Poodle Sire)

Sisters Penny center)
Sisters (Penny on right)

Penny at 8 weeks old
Penny, 8 weeks oldPenny, 8 weeks old

Letters from Tom and Lena W., Penny’s family -

Hi Linda! Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy Penny (Spanky/Jam). She is adorable, smart, entertaining and highly trainable. She doesn't shed, doesn't yip and readily does what she is told.

We have only one issue and I think you can solve it easily. Please send us a batch of Timshell business cards. Every time we go out with her people tell us how perfect she is (we already know it) and ask what breed she is, where we got her, where you are located, what your phone number is, etc. I am sure we have had at least 20 inquiries so your business cards would help us.

Again, thanks so much for such a treasure.

Tom & Lena W.



Hi Linda,

Penny weighed 9.8 lbs on Sept 3, at the vet's office. She's a still a small puppy at 9.5 months old. Very loving, very sweet, very playful, and VERY SMART. She has found ways to communicate with us and to tell us what she wants and needs -- VERY intelligent.

Penny loves playing with balls, fetch, and hide and seek. Even at a very young age of 3 months, she has done very well with sit, down, and stay. Still working on heel - she loves to explore and smell/sniff everything that it's a challenge for her to just walk beside me. She is working on perfecting the obstacle course. She jumps on the low/high bar now. Still needs a treat for the other parts of the course.

She loves playing with all sizes of dogs. She not afraid, but she knows to give space to bigger dogs before approaching them. LOVES kids! Absolutely LOVES kids. When she hear a kid in distress (e.g. crying because the kid fell or something), she rushes immediately to child and starts giving kisses. So, so sweet... EVERYBODY who meets Penny, including non-dog lovers, fall in love with Penny. Seriously...