Petite Golden Retriever F1-b



Giddy & RoxieJune 2010


Here is Giddy and her "sister" Roxie tonight. Just to give you an idea Roxie weighs 65 lbs. Giddy is 30 lbs. They are best of friends!

Just for your knowledge Giddy is a very loving puppy and she thinks she is a lap dog. She loves cats and wants to be friends with them. She is very gentle. She does not jump on children, she just gives them kisses! I can't believe how lucky I am to get such a great dog!! Everyone who has met her has been so suprised on how well behaved she is, I am sure part is her training and the other part is her breeding. She has been to several parties, with other dogs, and she was still really calm. She is a wonderful dog and I want to thank you so much for a great little puppy!! My step-dad has actually said "so you are going to train her for a couple of years and then we get her". She is faboulous!!

GiddyThank you for the 2nd best dog I have ever owned!!! Sorry Roxie is the first!!

Again thank you for a great puppy!!

Elizabeth P., Dallas, TX


June 2010


I am sending the proof of Giddy's spay in the mail today. Attached is a new picture of Giddy. Everyone who meets her loves her!! I hope you are having a great summer!!

Elizabeth P., Dallas