Petite Golden Retriever



(Boykin Spaniel Sire)

LucyHi Linda,

I've been meaning to send you an update on "Lucy" before this but taking care of a new puppy is like having a new born baby. Lucy is the best puppy we have ever had. She is very loving, smart and eager to please. She took "puppy classes" and graduated the best in the class. 

LucyShe is now enrolled in intermediate training classes. She spent the first month at our home playing with our daughter's dog. She is now back in San Francisco in graduate school. Lucy misses them. She spent a week in NYC while I moved my junior NYU daughter into her apartment. She liked the pigeons and the dog park. 

She loves roughhousing with my 21 year old son. She has been to our lake house every weekend this summer and has come along way with swimming. She even jumped off the dock twice. She follows me everywhere I go and sleeps under my feet while I'm on the computer. She is very good off leash and comes when called. She weighs about 23 pounds. I really can't put into words how much she has added to our family. We are so glad we found your website and inquired about puppies.

Debbie W.