Purchasing a Timshell Farm Puppy

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Purchasing Your Puppy
Goldendoodle puppy1. Complete the Online Interview Form HERE, OR send an e-mail to to set up a telephone interview. (903) 874-6560.

2. After hearing back from us, submit your completed Buyer's Agreement and non-refundable security deposit.

Sending By Regular Mail:

Print, complete and mail the Buyer's Agreement (see below) and mail with a $300 non-refundable security deposit (check or money order) MADE PAYABLE TO LINDA ROGERS to:

Linda & Steve Rogers
PO Box 2039
Pine, AZ 85544

Please DO NOT write "Timshell Farm" on the envelope. Thank you.

Sending Electronically:

Send non-refundable security deposit by PayPal (please note that a PayPal transaction fee is required) and transmit Buyer's Agreement attached to an e-mail to

You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment using PayPal. Click the PayPal link below to send your $300* security deposit, adding 3% for PayPal fees(*total deposit payment by PayPal would be $309.00).

Buyer's Agreement
Download Buyers Agreement (MS Word) Buyer's Agreement * and Health Guarantee
Click to download this MS Word document [ latest version: 10-25-2015].


Should a puppy require boarding after 8 weeks of age, the cost is $10/day and will include the next immunization(s), treatments and continued, daily, hands-on socialization.

Puppy Transportation - see Transportation section BELOW.

Security Deposit

A $300.00* non-refundable security deposit will hold your puppy until two weeks after your puppy is born when the balance is due in full. Waiting lists will be kept in a first-come, first-serve order for the expected litters.

You can submit your $300* security deposit payment by credit card or similar form of payment using the online PayPal payment service. You do not need a PayPal account to make your payment.

* If paying by PayPal, you will need to add on 3% to your deposit to cover PayPal fees, for a total PayPal payment of $309.00. 

Paying the Balance on Your Puppy

You are welcome to use your PayPal account or your credit card to pay the balance on your puppy if you wish. 

* Please add 3% transaction fee to the total cost of your puppy when paying by PayPal account or when paying using your credit card.

Paying by PayPal

To make your payment by PayPal, click the logo below to visit the PayPal website. If you have a PayPal account, please log in and make your payment as usual. If you do not have a PayPal account, click the [Send Money] tab and, on the following page, use the Send Money box on the right to enter your payment details.

* Remember to add on the 3% PayPal fee to your payment

Please enter e-mail address "" as the Recipient of your payment.

Click here to pay by PayPal:
Click on the PayPal button to send your $250 security deposit

Goldendoodle puppyPuppy Availability

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Buyer agrees to spay or neuter their puppy at the age specified as appropriate by their vet.

We do not ship puppies as cargo on commercial flights. There are several ways to get your puppy home, and we'll assist our adoptive families in arranging reservations and facilitating puppy travel.

- Picking Up at Our Home
Puppies may be picked up at our home when they are 8 weeks of age, with scheduled pick-up time.

- Delivering your puppy and meeting you at the Phoenix Airport
We will also deliver your puppy to you, to the Phoenix airport. Delivery fee is $75 and we will meet you at your arrival or departure terminal.
Buyer must provide carrier for onboard transport of the puppy.

- Delivering your puppy to you using onboard transportation service
Arrangements can be made for your puppy to be hand-delivered to you, flown on board the plane to your home city. The cost for this service can vary from $425 to $575, plus $75 delivery fee to Phoenix airport, plus $50 for the vet’s exam/airline health certificate if needed. The on-board service must be scheduled 8 weeks in advance and will require pre-payment.

Shipping requirements set forth by the airlines as well as USDA will be strictly adhered to, including: health certificates from licensed veterinarian, age of dog when shipping.

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