Golden CavaDoodle Puppies


Simba Lily and Jason K., Boston, MA

March 2009

Hi Linda!

I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to write you with an update on Simba. He is absolutely the most wonderful little puppy we ever could have asked for...he is already quite a hit around Beacon Hill , and has made many friends. He has been invited to several puppy parties and gets along splendidly with other dogs. He is almost too friendly...I will be walking along and all of a sudden realize that he has just sat down to wait on some dog or person who may still be a good 50 yards away! But he will just sit there so nicely waiting and wagging his little tail that it’s hard to make him keep going! Our friends all loved how well he would remember them each time, until they realized that he treats everyone as though they are a long lost friend! He adjusted really well to Boston, and even loves the snow! We are in the middle of the biggest storm of the season right now and he can't get enough...he just jumps right in to the biggest snow banks. He is also very smart and has been learning very quickly. He is almost completely housebroken and hardly had any mishaps. He already goes and rings a little bell to tell us he has to go....come to think of it, we have never even had to take him out at night, he sleeps right through every time. We were even joking a few weeks ago that maybe you sent us a much older well trained dog that just looks and acts like a puppy!

SimbaThank you again for the best puppy in the world! We are just head over heels in love with the little guy, as are his many "aunts and uncles" who all beg to puppy-sit! We give out your website on a daily basis...Earlier today, in the middle of the snow storm, I had a mother and daughter admit to "stalking" me across the public garden just to come see where I got him from! I'm attaching some photos for you. We will keep you updated. 

Hope all is well and thank you again!

Lily and Jason


May 2009

Hi Linda!

SimbaHope all is well with you....just wanted to write you with another update on our wonderful puppy!! He started out amazing, but has only gotten better. His training has gone so well, and he is pretty reliable with everything. His trainer just loves him and wants to train him to be a therapy dog for children. We think he would be great not only for his personality, but also just the simple fact that he is always smiling! I often hear people exclaiming as we pass them on the street, "that puppy just smiled at me!" He is a perfect city dog, he just loves to walk around and meet new people and dogs. He has his favorite haunts that allow dogs, for example the local hardware store--he pretty much tries to walk in there every time we walk past it! The guys in there declared him a true "dog's dog" and were all surprised when I told them the mix that he was. Actually, the number of people who stop us has started to get kind of annoying....I would not recommend one of these dogs to anyone who is remotely self-conscious, as people are constantly staring and pointing at us!!!

He is the perfect jogging companion, and loves playing soccer! But then once you get him inside he completely relaxes. Amazing. We are still in awe of what a wonderful dog we got...

Oh Oh! We almost had a little reality star on our hands--Simba and I got stopped in the park last week by a woman from Animal Planet, who asked if we wanted to be a part of a reality show they are filming in Boston this summer!!! Unfortunately, we had to opt out after learning the filming dates since I will be away. Almost famous, oh well!

He is getting his first hair cut tomorrow, but we are going to just have them trim around his eyes so he can see better, we love how scruffy and shaggy he looks! I'm attaching a recent picture of him; we actually have a couple of good short videos of him playing fetch and soccer, but I left my camera in the car so I will send them another time.

Thank you again