Purchasing A Puppy

Special Notice About Contact/Inquiries for Puppy Adoption:

Please see the files posted on our home page to see current puppy availability, and calendar of upcoming litters. Then, please go to the Purchasing a Puppy section of our site and submit the online interview form. This quick form lets us know what kind/size puppy you want, when you’ll be ready for your new puppy and other important details.  We will then reply with information about reserving a puppy. 

PLEASENo telephone calls, texts, messages – we are unable to keep up with the volume of calls, emails, voice mails and Messages.  People’s inquiries are getting lost and are going unanswered.  We  ask that you kindly use the interview form for initial contact, and then we will email after that. Thank you for your understanding! 

A 5% discount will be given to families that pick up their puppies in Payson, AZ, OR for those families that meet us at the Phoenix airport (to fly back home with puppy onboard the cabin of the plane with them).

Click HERE for Online Interview Form

Prices for puppies*:

    Our Petite Goldendoodle Puppies Are $3,950*.

    Our Cava-Poo-Chon Puppies Are $3,950*.

    Deposit to get on specific litter’s waitlist: $300.

(*Prices on Buyer’s Agreements submitted before June 15, 2020 remain the same. $3,950 applies to Buyer’s Agreements submitted on or after June 15, 2020.)

    Puppy Transportation      

We do not ship puppies as cargo, but will help you get your new puppy home using one of several options!

We will hand deliver your puppy to you ourselves, to your city’s airport, for approximately $475-$975 depending on airfare.  Or, we can meet you at our airport to deliver your puppy to you.

(Click HERE for more information). 


Guardian Home
Arizona families inquire about our Guardian Home program to adopt a puppy.

Email to find out how you can take part in our program to have one of our puppies in exchange for breeding.

Guardian Home Opportunity: "Ginny"
Click HERE for details


 Send interview form or interview by phone.

 Send deposit and Buyer’s Agreement.          

      (See Purchasing a Puppy section below, for details)

How to Pay Deposit or Balance on Puppy



Send your payment to

Chase QuickPay


PayPal Bill-Me-Later



Pay by Check

PAY BY CHECK: Make check payable to Linda Rogers, and send to

Linda & Steve Rogers, PO Box 879, Payson, AZ 85547



How to Reserve and Purchase a Timshell Farm PuppyPurchasing Your Puppy - How to Reserve and Purchase a Timshell Farm Puppy

How our process works from deposit through selecting and receiving your puppy.  How to purchase your puppy, the Buyer's Agreement, payment info, Puppy Travel with Specialty Service Carriers, and more.

(Note: Reservation deposits are non-refundable unless we fail to provide you with a puppy within one year of the date of your deposit.)

What Happens After You've Reserved Your PuppyWhat Happens After You've Reserved Your Puppy

After you have reserved your puppy with Timshell Farm, we will provide you with updates as to the progress. We will let you know when the breeding has taken place, when the mother dogs are "showing", and of course, we will let you know as soon as the litter is born!

While you are waiting for the puppies to arrive, it's a great time to get a book or two from those listed in our Reading Corner. There is so much great new information on crate training, obedience training and getting the family and the house ready for the new puppy. There is a Puppy Shopping List in the Reading Corner, also that should be helpful in preparing for puppy's arrival.

Time to line up a vet if you don't have one, and find a good obedience trainer. Obedience training is the secret to making a good puppy into a truly great dog. We strongly recommend puppy kindergarten and dog obedience training sessions, once the puppy has had all of it's immunizations.

What Happens After the Puppies are Born

We will notify you once the litters are born and are doing well, and we will let you know how many males and females there are in the litter, and if you will receive a puppy from this litter or the next litter. We go by dates of deposits and have to wait until the litter is born to see how many males and females there are! Sometimes it is necessary to have your reservation moved forward to the next litter, if the sex of the puppy you want is not present in the litter.

We will send out photos each weekend, so that you can watch the puppies grow! We'll let you know how they are progressing. All immunizations and de-wormings are done as per vet's schedule, and socialization starts the day the puppies are born with much human handling and bottle feeding. We supplement feed the puppies every day to help them have the nutrition they need and to keep the mothers from becoming depleted.

Shipping: Please see our Puppy Transportation page HERE.

Puppy photos will go out each weekend. Then, when the puppies are 7 weeks old, that is when families make their selections, in order by date of deposits.  We will send out several photos of each available puppy, with detailed descriptions of coat type, coat coloring, physical/facial features, energy/activity level, temperament, personality, intelligence and socialization to date.  When it is your family’s turn to choose, we will help you as much or as little as you’d like, and will be available to answer all of your questions.  Some families are able to visit and select their puppies in person.  We will be happy to have you schedule your visit with us.  Most families work with us by email to choose, using the photos and detailed descriptions.  After seeing the photos for 6 weeks, most families have a favorite or two… and are already in love!

Your puppy will be ready to go home to you, at 8 weeks of age.  You are welcome to come in person and pick up your puppy in Payson, AZ.  We can also meet you at the airport in Phoenix to deliver your puppy if you wish to fly in and take your puppy back home with you onboard the plane.  Or, we will hand deliver your puppy to you, to your city’s airport.  This must be scheduled in advance but we’ll work with you to get your puppy home, however you’d like!

Be sure to have a checkup appointment scheduled with your vet. Remember that puppies should not go out in public until they have had their immunizations - this is a must! No public parks, walks in the neighborhood or obedience training outside the home. Some people get an in-home trainer to come and work with the puppy and all the family members, then continue with obedience training classes later when the puppy has had all immunizations.

Puppies Here Now! See Available Puppies & Reserve Yours!Puppies Here Now! See Available Puppies & Reserve Yours!

See our beautiful litters that are here now. See photos of the parent dogs and the puppies in the litter. Prices, size and coat descriptions given.


Litter Dates for Upcoming LittersLitter Dates for Upcoming Litters

Puppy go-home dates and prices. Estimated go-home dates for scheduled litters - updated as nature updates the schedule~


Visiting PolicyVisiting Policy

Unfortunately we have to restrict puppy visiting days to protect our puppies against infection. This section explains why.

Special Notice

If a family decides their puppy is not a good fit after having the puppy in the home for 15 days or less, depending on the reason for wanting to return the puppy, there will be a re-home fee.  This fee will depend on the circumstances and reasons for returning the puppy.  Puppy purchasers will be responsible for transportation fees to return the puppy to Timshell.  In 18 years of raising puppies, we have had to re-home only 4 puppies.  Two were rehomed due to allergy concerns, and two because of health and medical issues with the family members that prevented them from being able to care for their puppy.  Deposits are retained as they are non-refundable.  Fees associated with the return and rehoming the puppy could include vet’s exam, immunizations, grooming, re-listing on internet, and boarding fee at $10/day for up to 20 days.

What You Get With Your Puppy PurchaseWhat You Get With Your Puppy Purchase

From early medicals and puppy socializing to training material and take-home goodies and life-time support, you will find it detailed here.

Special Note: We reserve the option to select a puppy from a litter after it has arrived, for "breeder's pick" for our breeding program. For more information, please Contact Us!   ~Linda & Steve Rogers.

Guardian HomeTimshell Farm Guardian Home Program

How does a responsible, caring breeder work to provide loving families with great puppies and at the same time, give the breeding, parent dogs a great life? Our answer is the Guardian Home Program.

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