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We hope that the articles and products suggested below will help you with your new puppy!

Recommended Puppy Training

Below are our recommendations on how to get off to a great start and stay on course with your new puppy.

New Puppy! NOW WHAT?

Also, we will be sending out a very special
"New Puppy! NOW WHAT?"
Puppy Training DVD.

Click HERE to read about this great training DVD

So, for complete readiness, we recommend that you prepare with:

(1) "New Puppy! NOW WHAT?" Puppy Training DVD that we'll be giving to you as part of your New Puppy Package;


(2) In-Home Training, minimum of 3 sessions

Here's a great book for children....

Raising Riley : A Kid's First Lab Puppy Raising Riley : A Kid's First Lab PuppyRaising Riley : A Kid's First Lab Puppy
This storybook for children ages 5-10 explores the joys and responsibilities that come with raising a Lab puppy.
Now available from external link.

Take a rambunctious boy, an equally high-spirited Labrador puppy, and parents who want to channel these restless energies in positive directions. Add to this combination of yips and yells and puppy-dog tales several real lessons that kids and adults can use to train their own retriever puppies – and the result is a delightful children's storybook that can be read aloud and shared with the entire family.

Before You Buy Your Puppy

Poodle Hybrids - Are They Superior Pets? "Poodle Hybrids - Are They Superior Pets?" - Janice Biniok.
Breeder Code of Ethics Breeder Code of Ethics.
external link
Considerations & Commitment Considerations & Commitment.
New Puppy Shopping List New Puppy Shopping List
Cesar Millan's Tips For new Dog Owners Cesar Millan's Tips For new Dog Owners
Ten great tips!

Timshell Farm Against MicroChips
Timshell Farm Against MicroChips - Click to Read Why
Click to Read Why! external link

Feeding & General Care

Information resources for new doodle owners Information resources for new doodle owners:
external link
Puppy Growth Chart Puppy Growth Chart Most new puppy owners are interested in projecting how large their pup will grow. Here's a handy chart to help you out.
The Crate:  Your Dog's Den The Crate:  Your Dog's Den.
Puppy Separation Anxiety
Grooming Your Goldendoodle Grooming Your Goldendoodle - by Bev LaLonde
Eagle Pack Natural Dog Food Royal CaninWe at Timshell Farm now feed Royal Canin Medium Breed Puppy Food. Visit the
Royal Canin external link website to find out more.
How to Grade Your Dog's Food How to Grade Your Dog's Food - tips for ensuring a healthy diet
BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet
Author Jodi of Mis B-Haven Doodles says: "There is so much benefit to this diet over processed kibble dog food.It is 100% natural!!"
Doggie Treat Recipes Doggie Treat Recipes from Sherry Jones
Goldendoodle Stuff Goldendoodle StuffGoldendoodle Stuff - An on-line shopping site offering doodle related merchandise, including calendars, t-shirts, bandanas, key tags, watches, wall clocks, thermal mugs, and water bottles! external link
"RoboCut" Vacuum Haircutter

RoboCut"RoboCut" Vacuum Haircutter, for the Perfect Goldendoodle Groom at Home!
external link

Spill-Proof Buddy Bowls PetVetSupply.comSpill-Proof Buddy Bowls from external link

Spill-Proof Buddy BowlsThe ingenious design of the Buddy Bowl means that water won't spill or slosh out, even if the bowl is turned completely upside down! And if your pet manages to turn it back up, there's still drinking water left in it. It's perfect to take along in vehicles or when transporting in a crate or carrier. Also keeps your pet's dining area neater and free of spills and keeps water fresher, cleaner and resistant to bird waste and other environmental pollution. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

"Chase It" Pet Toys "Chase It" Pet Toys, Inc."Chase It" Pet Toys, Inc. external link

The Chase - It isn't just another toy, it's an amazing way to keep your pet fit because it is so easy to use and inexpensive compared to other related products.

TwinLab Liquid C TwinLab Liquid C

The Vitamin Shoppe external link

TwinLab Liquid COrder (800)-223-1216

TwinLab Liquid C
8 Fluid Ounces Liquid
Serving Size: 1 TEASPOONFUL
TL-1055 #1152886

Availability: Item generally ships in 3-6 business days.

Toxins (Poisons) That Effect Dogs Toxins (Poisons) That Effect Dogs external link(Link to article on
The Dangers of Lawn Care Products and Your Dog The Dangers of Lawn Care Products and Your Dog

Don't let your dog or puppy walk in an area that has been chemically treated (Lawn Doctor, Chem Lawn, etc.) These chemicals will absorb through the pads of their feet within hours and causes diarrhea or soft stools often tinged with blood, as well as bile vomit often tinged with blood. Shortly after exposure, it's been noted that dogs will have the bile vomit and soft/diarrhea stools tinged with blood. Wash the dog's feet well with soap and water after any outings where they may have been exposed to chemicals of this sort.

"Through a Dog's Ear" "Through a Dog's Ear"

A CD that calms dogs and puppies with classical music. Buy it from external link. Also available from external link and external link.

Pet Patio Potty™ Pet Patio Potty™ from Doggy Solutions - external link

This unique dog litter box is stylish and easy to clean. Each unit is handcrafted, which allows you to fully customize the product for your dog. Choose from different styles, sizes, materials, substrates, etc! Potty training dogs has never been easier! The Pet Patio Potty™ is the perfect tool to house train a puppy! Easy, fast access to a "potty" means a quicker learning curve for your dog.

Toys & Chews: Puzzle Toys & Brain Teasers Toys & Chews: Puzzle Toys & Brain Teasers (PDF file - see note)
Stacy Greer Click below for articles authored by and generously shared by Stacy Greer, Canine Behavior Therapist, Adventures in Canine Training, Inc.
(PDF files - see note)
  • Puppy Nipping - Teaching Bite Inhibition
  • Puppy Nipping - The Truth Behind the Madness
  • Puppy Socialization

  • The Blue Dog -- Parent Guide and CD

    A colorful and engaging way to prevent dog bites.

    The Blue Dog Parent Guide and CD is designed to help parents and children safely interact with dogs both inside and outside their home. Targeted and tested for children from 3 to 6 years old, it is intended as a tool to be incorporated as part of a more comprehensive prevention program.

    Impact of Nutrition on Puppy Trainability
    Impact of Nutrition on Puppy Trainability. (PDF file - see note)

    Timshell Farm feeds mother dogs Royal Canin Pro HT 42D which delivers additional DHA during estrus and gestation for high puppy intelligence and trainability.

    Early Neurological Stimulation for Puppies Early Neurological Stimulation for Puppies
    Timshell Farm employs special, daily neurological stimulation techniques for outstanding puppy development.
    Don't Go Near The Dog When He's Eating Don't Go Near The Dog When He's Eating

    Do you remember hearing that? Your mother/aunt/father had a good point. A lot of dogs have a problem with possession aggression. In other words, "what's mine is mine, and you aren't allowed to even look at it." Sharing is a foreign concept to most dogs, especially dogs who are the sole family pet. A dog with possession aggression will guard his resources, whether his resources are his food, toys, or the most valuable of all, You.

    Resource Guarding Prevention Resource Guarding Prevention

    The dog that guards food may escalate to guarding other things as his possessions – the bed, toys, rawhides, even people. These are dogs that can benefit greatly from positive obedience classes. IMPORTANT – Correction or taking things out of their mouths tends to make them more aggressive!

    Clicker Training Articles Clicker Training Articles (link to external linkwebsite).
    Dog Training and Behavior links on the Perfect Paws website
    Dog Training and Behavior: More links on the Perfect Paws external linkwebsite:
    Training Basic Manners for Your Dog to be the Perfect Family Pet
    • House Training Your Dog
    • Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy
    • Training Your Dog Out of Submissive Urination
    • Training Your Dog to Stop Excitement Urination
    • House Training Your Dog and Spiteful Urination
    • House Training Problems On Leash
    • Training Your Dog to Overcome Separation Anxiety
    • Training Your Dog to Stop Whining
    • Training Your Dog to Control Barking
    • No Bark Training
    • Training Your Dog to Stop Chewing Your Home and Belongings
    • Training Your Dog to Stop Digging Up Your Lawn and Garden
    • Is Your Dog Chewing and Biting Herself?
    • Is Your Dog Pulling Out His Fur?
    • Training Your Dog to Stop Eating Feces
    • Should You Be Training Your Dog to Stop Licking?
    • Training Your Dog and Puppy About Cars
    Happy Housetraining Happy Housetraining external link(link to Lucy the Wonder Dog website).
    Housetraining With Bells Housetraining With Bells (MS Word document)
    (copied with permission from
    external link).
    Notes on Puppy Nipping: Notes on Puppy Nipping:
    external link
    Puppy Training links on the Perfect Paws website
    Lots more Puppy Training links on the Perfect Paws external linkwebsite:
    • Socialization Pointers for Training Your New Puppy
    • Training Your Puppy to Love, Trust and Respect You
    • More Puppy House Training Tips
    • Training Your Puppy to Stop Whining, Howling and Barking
    • Training Puppy About Chewing
    • Training Puppy About Jumping
    • Training Puppy About Leash Pulling
    • Training Puppy about Biting, Mouthing and Teething
    • More on Puppy Training
    Using avoidance and passive behavior modification to treat canine dominance aggression

    Using avoidance and passive behavior modification to treat canine dominance aggression.
    by Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVB

    Blue Sterling's tip for puppy biting and chewing Blue Sterling's tip for puppy biting and chewing:
    external link).
    As for the biting - we just littered our house with chew strips (not the single piece ones where the young pups can choke - I'm talking about the ones made of bits of rawhide stuck together)  and soft toys.  Everytime they wanted to gnaw on us, we'd just hold a toy to their mouth, while we'd pet with the other hand.  They're just teething.
    The Crate:  Your Dog's Den The Crate:  Your Dog's Den.
    Crate Training and Housebreaking: They Go Together Crate Training and Housebreaking: They Go Together

    Crate training satisfies a natural instinct for your dog - one inherited from the wolf - to sleep and rest in a den. It's important because it will curb all sorts of destructive behavior, from digging to chewing to house soiling. Traveling is easier with a crate, and your puppy will be less afraid when it is crated at the groomer or veterinarian if it also has one at home. At full growth your dog should be able to lie comfortably on its side, stand, sit or turn without difficulty in its crate. Place the crate in a room where the dog will feel like part of the family. Make sure you place comfortable betdding inside to make it appealing for your puppy.

    Patience of Praise

    The more patient and consistent you are in teaching your puppy housetraining rules, the more quickly he will learn. Dogs are instinctively clean animals and will learn due to praise and good timing on your part.

    • Establish a routine. Feed your pup at regularly scheduled times, preferably 3 times daily. Most puppies will want to releave themselves right after eating. Do not allow access to food all day long.
    • Go outside with your pup so you can priase it for going potty.
    • Choose 1 or 2 "toilet areas" your puppy can associate with going potty. Direct your puppy to these areas. When puppy "goes," praise it's success.
    • Keep an eye on your pup while it's inside the house. If you catch it in the act, shout or toss something near it to startle him. Then immediately take it out and if he finishes outside, make sure it knows it is a good puppy.
    • When you are unable to watch your puppy, it should be confined, preferably in its crate. This helps build bladder and bowel control - although you still need to let it out every couple hours.
    Jean Donaldson's Top 10 Training Tips Adventures in Canine Training - Jean Donaldson's Top 10 Training Tips.
    (PDF file - see note)
    Recommended Reading Adventures in Canine Training - Recommended Reading. (PDF file - see note)
    Poochie-Bells Poochie-BellsPoochie-Bells - from external link

    Poochie-BellsHandmade here in the U.S.A. using durable ribbons and materials.

    Two sets of strategically-placed bells that are carefully folded and snapped securely into place. This design allows for all breeds to reach the bells.

    Why Should We Get an In-Home Trainer? Why Should We Get an In-Home Trainer? - Article by Stacy Greer
    Why Use an In-Home Trainer? Why Use an In-Home Trainer? - Article by Steve Haynes


    How to beat ear infections How to beat ear infections.
    A Dog's Plea A Dog's Plea.
    Harley Harley.
    Another Look at Dewclaws Another Look at Dewclaws - Expert Fred Lanting argues that it is better to leave dewclaws on front paws.
    Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade D.E. - the Natural Way to Prevent Your Puppy From Having Worms & Parasites. (Article reproduced with permission from Wolf Creek Ranch external link.)
    Vaccine Schedule for Puppies and Dogs Vaccine Schedule for Puppies and Dogs
    Neutering Your Dog Neutering Your Dog (by Karen Tobias, Veterinarian, University of Tennessee).

    Pet Health and Safety Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.
    Pet Health and Safety Widget.
    Flash Player 9 is required.
    Pet Health & Safety Widget - from
    F.D.A. Animal Veterinary Resources

    Parvo Virus Parvo Virus (MS Word document).
    Canine Hip Dysplasia Canine Hip Dysplasia. Much has been written on hip dysplasia (HD), and this article is simply an attempt to summarize much of that information.
    Ester-C Links and Further Information
    Ester-C Links and Further Information

    Here's a link to a Golden that was diagnosed with HD and with physical therapy and other tried things like Ester C, etc. was later diagnosed with clear hips.  This article is titled: Diary of (what was) Cooper's Hip Dysplasia
    external link

    Here's a link to a lot of good info using viatmins (mainly C), site is for a wholistic animal practitioner.
    external link

    Here's a link to an article that explains the difference between regular Vitamin C and Ester C (which we all should know already, lol, Ester C is easier on the stomache). But this does go into actually "why" it's easier on the stomach.
    external link

    And looky there... even Skansen Kennels believes in it...
    external link

    and of course, here's Dr. Belfield's website (the one that did the study on the litters of German Shephard pups predisposed to HD, that all ended up HD free when raised on the high doses of Vitamin C.
    external link
    (Earlier articles on HD written by Dr. Belfield are also available - see the Back Issue Index links on the above page.)

    Heart Murmur in Dogs Heart Murmur in Dogs: Questions and Answers with Mike Richards, DVM
    Had to Share... Had to Share... (an illustration of the fallibility of x-rays!).

    General Interest

    A Dog's Plea A Dog's Plea.
    Harley Harley.

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