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Timshell Farm for Goldendoodle Puppies as seen on Life Magazine. Live Monarch Butterflies hand raised for your wedding or special event. Butterfly Raising Manuals and Really Big Butterfly Coloring Book. Organic Pecans and Living Christmas Trees. Airedoodle puppies. Goldendoodle Crossback puppies.

About Us

Hello! Steve and Linda Rogers here! We hope you are enjoying our website and seeing a bit about our farm and what we do.

Steve Rogers is a man of many talents, having succeeded at startup and operation of several businesses; traveled across the U.S. as a Project Manager for major environmental engineering companies to manage multi-million dollar remediation contracts; and most recently starting up Timshell Farm, with me, Linda Rogers.

I have worked as a technical editor and document manager for engineering firms; worked in the New Mexico State Senate and State Supreme Court; owned and managed my own small businesses and co-authored butterfly breeding manuals with Nigel Venters and Paul Chesterfield. I enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors for the International Butterfly Breeders Association for a number of years. 

Linda & Steve
Linda & Steve Rogers

We have traveled together, and lived in many wonderful places like Santa Fe, New Mexico; Boulder, Colorado; Punaluu, Hawaii; New York; Houston, Texas, Corsicana, Texas and now Pine, Arizona. We have two grown sons, William and Matthew. Matt often works with us on the farm and loves the dogs and puppies. We have moved to the high mountains of Arizona and will add photos and information as time allows.

Steve has designed and built our “pole barn” style house as well as all the other structures and outbuildings on our place, The house is 90% constructed from recycled materials, including lumber purchased from a house (1938), as it was being demolished. The gleaned lumber included loblolly pine siding, hardwood and pine flooring. 

Linda Rogers


Steve Rogers


We love our farm and our work!
There is simply nothing better than doing what you love,
with the people you love.

IACP- Professional Member
Professional Member
International Association
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About Our Farm

On Timshell Farm we raise the perfect family pets, our quality puppies. We also raise Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies for release at weddings and special events.


Our home


The other sections of our website show the books we have for sale, such as commercial butterfly farming manuals which are all co-authored by Linda Rogers, Nigel Venters and Paul Chesterfield. We are active in the International Butterfly Breeders Association. We are proud to be listed as an Owner-Recommended Breeder on the site for quality providers of Goldendoodles. 

Timshall FarmOrganic Pecans

Monarch ButterfliesLeyand Cypress Christmas Trees

Monarch ChrysalisesSteve and WilliamLinda

Mama Duck and Georgie Girl

Here are Mama Duck and Georgie Girl, eating breakfast together and observing the “nobody gets to eat anyone else on Timshell Farm!” rule.


Timshel (“Thou Mayest”) ... The Story Behind our Name.
(Click above to read the story behind our name)

Linda and Steve Rogers

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Paul Chesterfield Photography

Close-up nature photography from a pictorial perspective, by our friend Paul Chesterfield. Beautiful prints to display in your home. Also commission photography, graphics and website design.

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