Timshell Farm Visitor Policy & Selecting Your Puppy

Puppy Visiting Days at Timshell Farm
Puppy Visiting Days at Timshell Farm

Families often ask to visit our puppies and see our kennels. We have been advised by our vets that the general public should not be allowed inside our kennel and that puppies should not be brought out until they are at least 7 weeks of age with some immunity built up against infectious diseases and illnesses. There is a real danger that diseases can migrate into the farm and our kennel and puppies that are not yet vaccinated will be susceptible to these viruses and bacteria, that will then spread through the whelping barns and kennels. Unfortunately, here in Texas our damp, warm climate promotes bacterial and viral growth more than cooler climates. We provide photos of our puppies, dogs, barns and kennels on our website here.

When you reserve a puppy with us and the litter is born, we send out photos by e-mail each week so families can watch the puppies grow! When the puppies are 7 weeks old, we will schedule a special visiting appointment for you. Each family is given a 1.5 hour visiting time to play with the puppies, ask us questions and select your special, new companion! At 8 weeks of age, you may take them home with you. (For families unable to visit the farm, we will work by email and telephone to select a puppy that meets or exceeds all of your expectations and desires!)

In order to protect your (reserved) puppy and our own dogs, we must have this limited visitor's policy. Families that come for their visiting appointments are able to meet the parent dogs and go for a golf-cart ride around our property and see our kennels and nursery barns. 

Thank you for understanding our protective policy. Our kennels are clean, well ventilated, heated, air conditioned and sterilized daily. Our adult dogs are very healthy, groomed and bathed often and live in beautiful outdoor spaces with access to barns in inclement weather. We provide optimal conditions for healthy dogs and puppies.

Steve and Linda Rogers
Timshell Farm

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Puppy Visiting Days at Timshell FarmPuppy Visiting Days at Timshell Farm