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Timshell Farm has lovingly raised a limited number of very special crossbreeds since 1999. Prior to that, we raised AKC Golden Retrievers for 12 years from our farm in Texas, next to our organic pecan orchard. Below is information about our current breeding program for the crossbreeds we are raising. Puppies are available, raised in Texas and delivered to homes in Texas and Arizona.  Reservation lists fill up as far as 6-12 months ahead of the litter’s arrival – so do plan ahead and reserve soon!  We will work closely with you to find just the right puppy for your home and family.

We are raising Petite Goldendoodles; XS Petite Goldendoodles, Petite Goldendoodle Crossbacks, and Cava-Poo-Chons. Below are links to photos and descriptions of our mother dogs, and our wonderful poodle sires. Click on the names to read about our parent dogs.


Timshell Farm Parent Dogs For our Petite Goldendoodles

Cava-Poo-Chon Mothers & Sires

Poodle Sires

Our Special “Triple-Crosses”, and Why

Timshell Goldendoodle Sadie makes the cover of Life Magazine! (© Life Inc. 2004, used with permission)

Timshell Farm started breeding for first-cross Goldendoodles (Standard size/large) in early 2000. We had been raising lovely AKC Golden Retrievers and our vets advised that yes, indeed, genetic faults are eliminated or greatly minimized by breeding for a crossbreed. The Goldendoodles are just perfect for many people and families, with their sound health, great temperaments, intelligence and lower-shedding coats. Besides, the Goldendoodle is a beautiful dog! We began raising litters of first-cross, standard (large) Goldendoodles.

Timshell Farm Puppies

Goldendoodles bred from top-quality parent dogs are a wonderful package of highly desirable traits.

Above is our puppy, SADIE, on the cover of the 2003/October LIFE Magazine. We are very proud of her – she’s everything a Doodle should be! Also shown is Sadie with her family in California.

Downsized Goldendoodles

Many of our adoptive families let us know they really would love a smaller, more compact version of the Goldendoodle, for their children and homes. Families wanted a more “portable” companion to include more comfortably on car trips and vacations. Families asked for a smaller dog, a better size to raise with their young children. Older couples (yes, like us – “baby boomers”) requested a smaller, more manageable-sized doodle. So, we began to explore “downsizing” our Goldendoodles – working to achieve a smaller sized doodle without sacrificing any of the wonderful traits of the standard-size Goldendoodles.
Timshell Farm Puppies
We consulted with a reproductive specialist veterinarian in Carrollton, Texas to get his guidance on how to best achieve a downsized version of the Goldendoodle. We knew that we could breed a miniature or toy poodle with a full-sized Golden Retriever mother, but the size range of the puppies is too wide and unpredictable. The offspring could technically be called “miniature Goldendoodles” but in reality might grow to be quite large, like the mother dog. The genetic specialist vet advised us to first downsize the breeding mother dog, by crossing the Golden Retriever with a smaller dog that would be similar in appearance. We chose the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as the “downsizer” to breed with our Goldens. The resulting offspring are referred to as Petite Golden Retrievers. They are 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Our Petite Golden Retriever mothers are about 1/3 the size of a Golden Retriever.
Timshell Farm Puppies


The Petite Golden Retriever mothers are a great size for breeding with a Miniature Poodle. The resulting puppies are “Petite Goldendoodles” or “XS Petite Goldendoodles”. The Petite Goldendoodles have a Miniature Poodle sire. The XS Petite Goldendoodles have a Toy Poodle sire.

Timshell Farm Puppies

The Triple Cross

The Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Miniature/Toy Poodles are a wonderful recipe for a downsized Goldendoodle. The gene pool is widened X 3, for even more “hybrid vigor”… so the result is a puppy with sound health, minimized risk of genetic faults, great disposition, low to no shedding coat, and loving personality that will grow to be a medium or small size – more manageable than larger dogs.

GOLDEN + CAVALIER + POODLE = Petite Goldendoodle! Wonderful stuff!

Golden Retriever
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Miniature/Toy Poodle
Timshell Farm PuppiesThe Golden Retriever brings:
  • a graceful, classic beauty;
  • a people-loving disposition; and
  • a playful, athletic nature.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel brings:
  • a downsizing of the puppies;
  • the “teddy bear” look (wide face, shorter nose, big eyes); and
  • a sweet, sparkly sprinkling of “Cavalier Magic” – the gentler energy level.
The Miniature or Toy Poodle brings:
  • a downsizing of the puppies;
  • an effervescent, lively, playful personality;
  • soft-curl or wavy/shaggy coats (low/no shedding); and
  • high intelligence.

The Cavalier MAGIC

Timshell Farm PuppiesWe chose the Cavalier as our “downsizer” to breed with the Golden Retriever to produce our smaller females, to be the “Petite Golden Retriever” mothers of our Petite Goldendoodles. In addition to the downsizing, the Cavalier brings so much to the “triple-cross” Petite Goldendoodle puppies! The Cavalier brings a gentler energy level to the puppies…. “classic Cavalier” or what we call Cavalier Magic. Our Petite Goldendoodles are playful, funny, athletic and have bubbly personalities but are not hyper and do not have energy levels that are too high. The Cavalier Magic is what sets our breeding program apart – what makes our puppies truly special. Most professional trainers agree that in general, first-cross Goldendoodle puppies (50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle) have lots of great potential and wonderful qualities but the energy levels are often high, making them more of a challenge to work with. We’ve seen for ourselves, but have also been told by trainers as well as our adoptive families, that Timshell Farm Petite Goldendoodles are out of the ordinary – really different from most first-cross Goldendoodles. We feel this is truly a different Goldendoodle.

Timshell Farm PuppiesOur parent dogs are tested and cleared of genetic faults. We believe that a fine puppy can only come from top quality parents. This includes (1) sound health; (2) gentle temperaments with no personality “issues” and (3) high intelligence. (The adoptive families put the icing on the cake, when they complete in-home training sessions and raise the puppy with loving kindness.)

Please see the References from Professional Trainers below – and click-ons for sections containing updates and photos we’ve received from our adoptive families. We are really happy that we’re up to 53 families now, that have come back to us for their second Timshell Farm puppy!

Timshell Farm PuppiesThanks for your interest and contact us if you have questions.


Professional Trainer References for Timshell Farm Puppies

Petite Goldendoodles – Updates and Photos from Adoptive Families

XS Petite Goldendoodles – Updates and Photos

Petite Goldendoodle Crossbacks – Updates and Photos

The Cava-Poo-Chons

A Timshell Farm Triple-Cross Original!

Timshell Farm raised a very sweet, small crossbreed called a “Cavachon” between 2003 and 2009. The Cavachon is a first-cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. The Cavachon is much like a Goldendoodle in many ways – has a low to no shedding coat, sweet disposition and playful nature. The Cavachon is a specialty crossbreed that is dearly loved by families all over the world – and Animal Planet featured the Cavachons on a dog program.

We began to get requests from some families that wanted an even smaller, loveable crossbreed with a good deal of curl in the coat. People asked for a dog small enough to carry onboard a commercial airline, and one that would be really great for people with severe allergies or asthma. Families wanted a dog with lots of play, but NOT HYPER or YAPPY!

Scarlett (photo at right) is one of our first Cava-Poo-Chons and she is a great example of this terrific triple-cross!

Timshell Farm planned for Cava-Poo-Chons, envisioning a little “raggedy coat” dog with a beautiful “teddy bear” face and sparkly personality. Again, great care was used in selecting the parent dogs, knowing how important each breed is to the final outcome – wonderful puppies!

The Cava-Poo-Chon is a terrific little triple-cross – a blend of great qualities from three breeds- the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise and Toy Poodle! Depending on the parent dogs, the Cava-Poo-Chons will grow to be 12-15 lbs. OR, the XS Cava-Poo-Chons should be 10 lbs. or under when grown. The CavaPooChons do very well with children.

Our mother dogs are CAVACHONS – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels bred to Bichon Frises. We selected our best female Cavachon puppies for our new breeding program for Cava-Poo-Chons. Roxy, Heidi and Dody are all sister dogs. Jam and Tinkerbell are our smaller Cavachon mothers. The sire is our spectacular “SPANKY” – a color-bred, red toy Poodle from Wildwood Kennels. Spanky comes from championship breed lines and his breeder specializes in Miniature and Toy Poodles that are not too high-energy, not yappy or hyper. This has been extremely important to our Cava-Poo-Chon breeding program. Below are the three breeds that are the magic ingredients for our Cava-Poo-Chons.

Cavalier + Bichon Frise + Toy Poodle = Cava-Poo-Chons!

~ Sparkly, Sweet Teddy-Bear Puppies ~

Bichon Frise
Toy Poodle
Timshell Farm Puppies The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel brings:
  • a beautiful, silky-soft coat and sturdy bone structure;
  • the “teddy bear” look (wide face, shorter nose, big eyes); and
  • a sweet, sparkly sprinkling of “Cavalier Magic” – the gentler energy level.
The Bichon Frise brings:
  • a sweet, people-loving personality;
  • a playful and fun nature;
  • shiny, soft-curl coats (low/no shedding); and
  • pretty faces with large eyes.
The Miniature or Toy Poodle brings:
  • a downsizing of the puppies;
  • an effervescent, lively, athletic nature;
  • soft-curl or wavy/shaggy coats (low/no shedding); and
  • high intelligence.


paw prints

Here are some fine examples of our Cava-Poo-Chon puppies!

Main features are the “teddy bear” look, with wide faces, large/round eyes, square noses, with a soft-curl lower-shedding coat, long ears with little curls and a sturdy bone structure…. Our special Teddy Bears!

Timshell Farm PuppiesTimshell Farm PuppiesTimshell Farm PuppiesTimshell Farm PuppiesTimshell Farm Puppies


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paw prints