Puppy Transportation

We do not ship puppies sight unseen, or on commercial flights. There are several ways to get your puppy home, and we'll assist our adoptive families in arranging reservations and facilitating puppy travel. Please do email if you have questions and we'll explain!

We will hand deliver your puppy to you ourselves, to your city’s airport, for approximately $475-$975 depending on airfare.  Or, we can meet you at our airport to deliver your puppy to you.  

Fly Puppy!
Picking Up At Our Home

Adoptive families are welcome to pick up puppies on the go-home date, at our home. This can be arranged ahead of time, and scheduled for a specific date and time. We are located about an hour south of Winslow, AZ off of the Beeline Highway 87. We're about an hour or so east of Flagstaff, AZ. Many families make it a "puppy adventure" trip and drive in, stay down the road at the fabulous Verde River Rock House B & B just north of Payson. The owner is a friend, and she allows families to bring their new puppies with them. See to make a reservation. The owner, Maggie Evans, is a five-star chef and will prepare a meal you won't forget! Staying at the Verde River Rock house is like being on safari! There is a kitchenette "Casita" house and she has two rooms for rent in her bed and breakfast.

Puppy Delivery to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

We will meet adoptive families at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, and deliver puppy to the terminal. Many families fly in, pick up their puppy and fly back home. When reservations are booked ahead of time, this is about the same cost or less, as having the puppy flown as cargo. The charge is $75 for delivery to your terminal at the airport. If an airline health certificate is required by your airline, the fee for the certificate is $50. Most airlines do not require the certificate, but do require you to make a reservation for your puppy to fly with you.

Personal Delivery Service

We will deliver your puppy to you in person, at your city’s airport.  The cost for personal delivery is between $475 and $950, depending on cost of airfare.  We will take care of making the reservations but you’ll need to notify us you’d like this delivery service during the first week after your puppy’s litter has arrived.

Puppy Delivery - We'll Drive and Meet You Part Way

We will drive and meet you to deliver your puppy. Delivery fee is $300.  Here are some spots we can meet:

  • Tucson families - we'll deliver to Tucson, or you can drive in and we'll meet you in Phoenix;

  • Los Angeles - we can drive and meet you in Quartzite, on the AZ - CA state line;

  • Las Vegas/Henderson - we will deliver, but it's a 4 hour drive for us;

  • Phoenix - we can meet at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (fee is $75);

  • New Mexico families - we will meet you in Show Low, AZ;

  • Utah families - we will meet you in Page, near the state line.


Please email for more information. We will work with you to make the arrangements and reservations, etc., to get your puppy home safe and sound!

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