Timshell Farm Poodle Sires


Bogey (Bogartus Jumpup) - “Moyen” AKC Miniature Poodle

Bogey (Bogartus Jumpup)

Description: Bogey is a “Moyen” AKC Miniature Poodle. The “moyen” Miniature Poodles are a bit larger. Bogey is a beautiful fellow with a white, soft-curl coat. He has a good, strong bone structure and is not a delicate “lap dog” – and he is a sturdy player. Everybody loves Bogey!

Disposition: Bogey is loads of fun – always wants to play but is never, ever too high-energy or hyper. Bogey has no personality “issues” and is very even-tempered. Bogey came to us from New York, from a kennel specializing in “non-hyper” poodles!

Personality: Affectionate, playful and gentle – with high intelligence.

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Sir Spanky
- AKC Color-Bred, Red Toy Poodle

Sir Spanky

Description: Spanky is our color-bred red, AKC toy Poodle. Spanky is small but sturdy and is a great little sire for our litters of smaller Goldendoodles and Cava-Poo-Chons. Spanky has a deep red coat and his pedigree has only reds and apricots (so the litters he sires should be predominantly red/apricot). Spanky is a beautiful fellow with a deep red, wooly coat and bright, sparkly brown eyes.

Disposition: Spanky is active, funny and lots of fun, but is not ever hyper or yappy. Spanky and Beemer come to us from the Wildwood Kennel (championship poodles) and are bred specially for wonderful temperaments. Spanky has an effervescent personality and is intelligent and affectionate.

Personality: Full of life, loving and confident. Spanky is a happy guy!

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Our purebred Poodle sires were chosen for their excellent temperaments, sound health, high intelligence and great personalities. Spanky was bred by Wildwood Kennels, and comes from a championship poodle line. Our poodles have been DNA-tested and cleared in the von Willebrand’s disease testing and have no genetic health faults. Spanky and Bogey have given us many outstanding puppies – all with great personalities; gentler energy levels and loving dispositions, in addition to sound health. We are really proud of our handsome fellows!


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