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BarkleyFebruary 13, 2005


It's hard to imagine it's been one year since we picked up our Golden Doodle at the airport. But Barkley is one year old this month so I thought I would send an update.

From the moment we first saw that bundle of fur, Barkley has proved to be constant source of joy, excitement, devotion and fun. He has grown to 80 pounds, with a beautiful coat and great Personality. He is a bundle of energy, very active and loves the outdoors, but is also content to romp around the family room and nap at your feet.

Barkley and SocksNot knowing what to expect with a new breed, we have been extremely pleased with his intelligence, learning ability, devotion and "fit" as a family member. We also have a Chocolate Lab and the two have become inseparable companions.

Barkley was paper trained within a couple of days with close monitoring, consistent feeding times and repetition. It took a couple more weeks and he was housebroken. Perhaps watching and following the Lab's routine helped.

Is my toy dry yet?Barkley has two speeds - full speed ahead and nap. He is very active, enjoys playing games and loves being around people. Occasionally he is a little demanding when it comes to attention. We call it "Barkley Time". You know, you've had time to do all the others things today (like work), now make time for Barkley. Where our Lab is a laid back introvert, Barkley is definitely the extrovert. Most of the time very eager to please but occasionally playfully stubborn. He loves children and plays for hours with our granddaughter.

Being in a colder climate in Ohio, Barkley has learned to love winter and snow. Rarely does he go out without coming in with snout covered with snow. I guess he considers snow a frosty treat. He loves to roam the yard and woods with us. There’s a lot hound dog in him. But, in the evenings, he still thinks he’s a lap dog.

Ah, here it is!Being a retriever, he loves to carry toys (especially stuffed animals) around is his mouth. If left alone too long he does have the tendency to get bored and get into mischief.

Barkley learns quickly, but appears to be more interested playing fetch or tug-of-war than rolling over. He has a real zest for exercise, especially outdoors.

The first year has been very enjoyable and we are eagerly looking forward to many more years with Barkley.

Thanks for such a great pet.

Toni and John



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