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Attention!Jerry and Carole C. of College Station, TX.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Subject: Champ

Hi Linda:

Champ is smarter than Carole & Jerry put together. Carole has taught him a number of commands in sign language and he responds quickly.

He's fairly responsive to training when we can find time. Housebreaking was relatively easy and he's not had any accidents in so long I can't remember. He's never chewed on the furniture.

CuriosityHe loves people and wants to lick them to death. At 60 lbs. with a healthy set of teeth, folks are sometimes a little afraid until they see how gentle he really is. He still gets excited when someone new or someone who hasn't been by in a while shows up, but now he settles down after just a couple of minutes.

We play ball and he loves to catch and then plays keep away. He has lots of energy and loves to run at the drop of a hat. He gets excited by the squirrels and watches for the rabbits that run through our neighborhood. When he settles down, he'll climb up into Jerry's lap and stretch out to watch TV. An old quilt on the sofa marks his favorite resting place. He keeps a close watch on the neighborhood and heads to the window whenever he hears anything.

Jerry & Carole.


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Champ The Doodle (and his trusty sidekick Jerry Cooper)

Champ and JerryChamp

Who says City Hall is going to the dogs?

Champ, half Golden Retriever and half Standard Poodle, brought his best friend to City Hall to visit Project HOLD. Jerry has added a number of files to our collection in Project HOLD: "Photos of Campus House 2006" and "Abstracts of Title from 1928 in College Park."


paw prints