Standard Goldendoodle Families

Lexy O’G.

LexyHouston, Texas Born April 2003
Weight at one year old = 58 lbs.

Hi Linda, Here are some updated pictures of Lexy. She is such a character. We wonder what we ever did without her!!!! She is such an inquisitive and adventuresome dog. All of our family and friends think she is just adorable. She now weighs 58 lbs. and I think she resembles her daddy so much. She stands exactly like Allen and has so much of his face. She has the golden retriever tail and ears although they are a little longer than the retrievers. 

LexyAgain we are so happy with her and definately want to get another Doodle in a few years. We sure do enjoy your web site. It is truly a first class web site! Keep up the good work and hope all of the future litters are just as great as the first. 

Thanks again,

C. O'G.