Adopting Two Goldendoodle Puppies at the Same Time!

By Carolyn E.


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Eli, Fenway & FamilyMy husband, two boys and I are the proud owners of two Goldendoodles, one named Fenway (love those Red Sox) and the other named Eli. As I write this letter they are almost eleven months old. For anyone wanted two puppies at once, I would advise you to really think about it. If we were to do this all over again, I think we would wait until one puppy was six to eight months old before getting the second puppy. Though we have adjusted (and are still adjusting) our dogs are so completely different that everyday is a new learning experience. 

Our breeder, Linda Rogers, had strongly suggested that we wait and take puppies one at a time and it was only after much convincing on my part that she agreed to allow this, after I convinced her we could handle it! It is Steve and Linda's (Timshell Farm) policy to take one puppy at a time, train and raise it, then add a second puppy later.

Eli & FenwayOn our first night home we gave both puppies baths, let them explore took them to the bathroom several times and off to sleep they went. We never heard a sound for the entire night. They slept together, but separate, in the same crate with a divider. They each had their own comfort pup which smelled like their mom. To this day, there has never been an accident in their crate. Aaron, our older son, took them out separately several times. Both boys were very good about never letting them out of their sight. We learned early on that if there was an accident in the house there was no one to blame but ourselves because we weren't paying attention. My husband came home at lunchtime everyday to take them to the bathroom and feed them and let them run around.

Very controllable. They attended dog school to learn their manners and everyone loved them. Then they got to be about six months old and the world changed! I think Fenway turned into a rebellious teenager and thought the world was his oyster! The four humans in the family just look at each other and shake their heads! He learned to jump on everything and everyone. Very cute when you're a little puppy, not so cute when you can knock people over. Eli has never jumped! Possibly because he's so much bigger and heavier than Fenway! We hired a dog walker at about four months to get them out while we were at work/school. Thought that would help with the energy levels and also reinforce the dog training they learned and forgot overnight. It did!! Yeah!! 

Eli & FenwayOnce the weather got nicer and they were able to just go outside and run they became much much calmer. Fenway is still a wild man outside while Eli runs for a bit and then lays down. The boys taught Fenway to catch a tennis ball though he refuses to give it back! If left unattended their diets consist of socks, shoes, paper, pillows, comfort pups and as of yesterday Aidan's brand new Red Sox hat!! In closing (finally) we are all in agreement that Fenway and Eli are keepers! We love them to death as does everyone else in the neigborhood. Cars still stop and ask "what are they". They were and are still a lot of work. We have a bathroom, feeding system that seems to have been working for the last several months. We just bought a second crate so they each have their own space to sprawl out and sleep! They even know their own crates!

So I guess the only thing I would do differently is get the second after having a chance to work with the first one, one on one. Training is very difficult with two because you separate them to train and the other one is barking and distracting so nothing is really being learned! 

Thanks again Linda,



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