XS Petite Goldendoodles



ScoutHi Linda!

We are at the coast (Port Aransas) with Scout, Lexie and Sophie!

Scout has been the most delightful puppy EVER and we have all gotten very attached to her. Sophie and I took her to the vet yesterday before we left Austin , and her weight went up from 2.2 lbs. to 2.87 lbs and she is eating her Canidae with a good appetite. Our vet and her whole staff fell in love with Scout. She is just the sweetest, most gentle, playful little puppy! And, she is the best little sleeper too - she sleeps the entire night every night. 

ScoutShe is a great traveler also - this is our second weekend in a row to take her to Port A and she sleeps most of the way here. Her potty training has gone very well - hardly any accidents. Sophie even taught her to sit yesterday! I expected the puppy stage to be a lot harder than it has been with Scout - she is like a little toy! She and Lexie like each other and Lexie is very gentle with Scout, but we still watch over them closely when they are together. Lexie just seems so huge next to Scout!

We have taken lots of adorable pics - we all love our little Scout and big Lexie and can't thank you enough for the two most wonderful Goldendoodles!

Annette J. and family