Our Poodle Sires

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Our Miniature (Moyen) Sire

BogeyBogartus Jumpup

Our AKC male, Miniature (Moyen) Poodle, Bogey is a favorite with  everyone! He is a great little spirit - playful, friendly and fun. He is very affectionate and loves to go for a ride and always wants to be where we are. He's good with all the other dogs and with children of all ages. He has a beautiful, silky curl coat.  He’s a perky, fun fellow and has sired many wonderful puppies! 


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SpankyOur Small Miniature Poodle Sire


Small Miniature male AKC Poodle.
Color-Bred Red

SpankySpanky is a deep, color-bred red, Miniature Poodle on the small side.  He is spunky and cute!  He’s got loads of fun energy without being hyper or yappy.  He gets along well with other dogs and animals; adults and children.  He is very sweet and lovable.  He has full DNA testing for vonWillebrands disease and other genetic issues that are sometimes found in poodles. 

SpankySpanky comes from an excellent line of champion bred poodles from Texas …. The famous Wildwood Poodles.  He has high intelligence, loves to learn new things and to please his human companions.  He is proven to provide gentle natured puppies that grow to be wonderful family members. 

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Our Miniature Sire

RooneyMagical Rune!  

Our CKC purebred, registered Miniature Poodle, Magical Rune, is a "Parti" Poodle! That is, he has a beautiful, ivory coat with dark auburn mask and markings - very rare to have a "Parti" coat with the reddish/auburn.

Magical Rune, or "Rooney" as he is affectionately referred to, is a very sweet fellow, always eager to please. He gets along well with just everyone - other adult dogs and he likes to herd the puppies around like he's the boss! He loves to run after the ball and is very obedient. We're really pleased with Magical Rune and are very happy to have him as part of our breeding program.

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Our Miniature Sire

Chance of a Lifetime!


"Chance" is our Miniature Goldendoodle sire. His apricot genes from the poodle side and the golden coloring from the Golden Retriever both come through as Chance has a light golden, soft curl coat with darker ears and trimmings!  Chance has a wider face and shorter nose that is not narrow. He has a nice, round head and big eyes! And, best of all, he is gentle and has a laid-back personality.  He is a real people-lover and is never a high-energy dog. He's happy to be right with people all the time, and does well with other dogs and our cat.

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