References from Professional Trainer


References from Professional Trainers

Stephen Haynes  |  Stacy Greer  |  Brad Jaffe

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Stephen Haynes, Fidelio Dog Works

Steve's reference letter:


Having just finished lessons with another puppy that was bred by you, I just have to write and tell you how fantastic the little dog was. As always I was thrilled to be working with another of your pups, and they consistently excellent as the years go by. I'm not sure exactly how many puppies of yours I've worked with over the years, but they are without question the best socialized, most confident, and stable puppies I see on a regular basis. 

I don't know how you do it. With the clientele I have, it's not unusual for me to work with many breeders and dogs from all over the world. Puppies that can cost as much as $20,000 are no match to the average Timshell Farm pup that I deal with. The socialization and confidence you instill in these little guys before the new owners pick them us is wonderful, and though I've never looked at how much your puppies cost, I can say that they would be a bargain at $10,000-$12,000. You are doing an exceptional job with these little four legged citizens and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the efforts you are spending on your puppies. Keep doing what you're doing there and know that one trainer really appreciates you efforts.

All my best, Steve. external link

Trainer Blog: Stephen Haynes, Fidelio Dogs - Austin, TX says:

I’ve got to do it….. Well, sometimes I run across a breeder that just blows me away and Linda and Steve Rogers of Timshell Farm are two of the most ethical and professional breeders I deal with. I’ve had the pleasure of training a number of dogs from Timshell over the past several years and I can say without exception they’ve been amazing pups. Now the quality of the pups is one thing but these guys are CUTE with a capital C. I just got some pictures from her and had to post them. If you’re thinking about getting a doodle I strongly recommend you talk to Linda.

Let the cuteness ensue:

Timshell Farm PuppiesTimshell Farm PuppiesTimshell Farm Puppies - external link

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Stacy Greer

Dog Trainer, Behavior Therapist/ Owner: Adventures in Canine Training, Inc.

Stacy GreerLinda,

I’ve worked with who knows how many Timshell Farm puppies from all sizes of the Goldendoodles, and Cava-Poo-Chons. They are all such fun, adorable puppies! I've found ALL of them to be fun, happy, easy-to-train dogs with great temperaments. I really like your dogs because you take such care in not only the breeding but the homes and aftercare of each puppy you place. It is rare to find such a responsible, loving and caring breeder these days. Your dogs have all been so great because I can immediately see potential in just about every puppy I work with. Of course their future and career paths aren’t always up to me but we are managing to get a couple into our therapy dog organization as well as involved in the fun, fast dog sport of Flyball that I’ve been so involved in for several years now. Your dogs are truly versatile, fun and easy to train! Keep up the good work and let me know if you ever need a reference!

Tootles . . . from Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas!

Stacy Greer
Dog Trainer, Behavior Therapist/Owner
Adventures in Canine Training, Inc.
web: external link
office: 214-731-3191, ext 3

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Brad Jaffe, Dogological, Inc.

I first was introduced to the Rogers and Timshell Farm when I received a call from the producer of a local morning show “Your Life A to Z” on Channel 3 in Arizona asking for assistance with a puppy they had brought on the show to boost ratings. The puppy was let loose on the set, and being a typical puppy was wreaking havoc with no guidance or supervision. She was pottying everywhere and anywhere, stealing the Garden Guy’s gloves and basically having a blast. The puppy was the cutest little Goldendoodle - but they needed help. For two years “Molly” (photo right) was taught to be an “actress” and was super fun to work with. She had a wonderful personality and had a great following. After working with her for a short time I was so impressed with her temperament and overall disposition I inquired about her breeder.

I was told she came from Timshell Farm. I visited their website and was extremely impressed, which says a lot as I am not easily impressed by most “breeders” I run across. The Rogers with Timshell Farm are one of the best breeders I have had experience with. They are not only responsible in their breeding methods but are excellent in their placement of puppies and screening of their potential new homes. From health, to temperament, placement process, and their excellent way of preparing their puppies for the world, the Rogers/Timshell Farm are far and away one of the best breeders I have ever had the pleasure to work with. 

Molly Std Large Lane

Since Molly, I have worked with many Timshell puppies, and since they have moved to Arizona I’m lucky enough to see many more. I recommend them to anyone looking for a well bred, great temperament dog. I tell all of my clients that one of the major contributing factors in having a wonderful dog is getting them from a responsible, caring, educated breeder and you won’t find anyone better than Steve and Linda Rogers.

Brad Jaffe, Owner/Operator Dogological, Inc.
Canine Obedience & Behavior Modification

3935 E. Meadowbrook, Suite 2 - Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone: 602.956.2796
Website: external link external link

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