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Jerry and Carole C. of College Station, TX.

To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Subject: Champ

Hi Linda:

Champ is smarter than Carole & Jerry put together. Carole has taught him a number of commands in sign language and he responds quickly.

He's fairly responsive to training when we can find time. Housebreaking was relatively easy and he's not had any accidents in so long I can't remember. He's never chewed on the furniture.

He loves people and wants to lick them to death. At 60 lbs. with a healthy set of teeth, folks are sometimes a little afraid until they see how gentle he really is. He still gets excited when someone new or someone who hasn't been by in a while shows up, but now he settles down after just a couple of minutes.

CuriosityWe play ball and he loves to catch and then plays keep away. He has lots of energy and loves to run at the drop of a hat. He gets excited by the squirrels and watches for the rabbits that run through our neighborhood. When he settles down, he'll climb up into Jerry's lap and stretch out to watch TV. An old quilt on the sofa marks his favorite resting place. He keeps a close watch on the neighborhood and heads to the window whenever he hears anything.

Jerry & Carole.

See more pictures of Champ HERE.




From: Patrick N
To: 'Linda Rogers'
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I have attached a couple of pictures of Dudley. He is awesome. The ride home was uneventful. Lots of quick stops for him. He loved the car. By Sunday morning he had figured out how to go out the pet door. We were amazed. He hasn’t quite figured out its real purpose, but he is about 50% of the time using it to go out for restroom breaks.

DudleyBy Monday night, he was not whimpering in his kennel. Still gets up twice a night to go outside, but it seems a longer period between times. He is so smart. We had forgotten the incredible bursts of puppy energy they have. He will be sound asleep and then just a demon for about 10 minutes. His attention span is about 30 seconds during these periods. Everything goes in the mouth. He has learned his name. He has learned that Dodger is not going to be his playtoy although he keeps trying. We think Dudley may end up the alpha male. The cat is avoiding him. I think he is too rambunctious for an old cat. Our vet was very appreciative of the information you sent. He pronounced him very healthy.

He is such a little doll and growing like a weed. He weighed 10.5 lbs. on Monday when we took him to the vet. I think he has gotten taller, too. We will keep you updated on his progress. What a great addition to our home. Thanks for all your help!

Pam & Patrick
League City, Texas


DudleyFrom: Patrick N.  
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Linda and Steve - Here is a picture of Dudley taken this past Sunday! He is growing like a weed and is such a delight! Be glad when we get past the puppy stage and into young adult. What a hoot!




BoFrom: Keleigh F.   
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2005

Subject: Bo

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to let you know that Bo is doing fantastic! He is a wonderful dog and I love him to death. He is 3 weeks into puppy school at our local Petsmart. He is very smart and doing a wonderful job.

Bo in the Dishwasher!We have been told that he is the best socialized dog that they have seen. He gets along with and LOVES people and other animals. Just a wonderful dog and I couldn't be any happier.

He eats and sleeps really well. When we got him in June we had him potty trained the first weekend. He does turn into the Texas tornado every evening but that is just a little puppy who doesn't want to go to sleep! He also ADORES water and if we don't put out the baby pool he jumps into the fountain. I am attaching some pictures for you so you can see how he is.

Keleigh & Bo F.



Bailey T.

From: Martha T.   
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Subject: Update on Bailey

BaileyI just wanted to send a brief note to let you know that we are completely smitten with Bailey. He's perfect. I keep waiting for him to turn into devil-dog, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm convinced he's brilliant; he's always watching everything we do. In fact, I think the best description I can give him is "thoughtful." He just seems to be thinking all the time. He hardly cries at all at night--a couple of yips and a bark, and then we don't hear anything out of him for the rest of the night.

We took him to the vet yesterday and he checked out just fine. Everyone there was taken with him. The receptionist carried him around to show him to the groomer and the rest of the staff in the back. I had your folder with me and they were most impressed with the information you had provided.

I just wanted to say thanks again for making this such a pleasant experience. At no point did I doubt that I was getting my puppy from someone who truly cared and worked hard to breed healthy dogs with the right personality. Oh, and by the way, I think you have ESP. You hit the nail on the head in pairing us with Bailey. He is perfect for us...laid back, affectionate, smart. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I'm attaching a picture of him that has all of our friends falling in love with him even though they haven't seen him yet! Thanks, again. --Martha


From: Martha T.   
To: "Linda Rogers"
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2005

Subject: Update on Bailey

BaileyHi, Linda. Happy New Year to you, too!

We continue to delight in Bailey and just love him to death. He went to the vet this morning, where he got his last round of shots. He weighs 22 pounds and is getting taller every day. Physically, he has the graceful moves of a poodle, but in looks, he seems to be a true blend of both retriever and poodle.

I have not revised my opinion of him: he's a genius. He is now 14½ weeks old. He barks to let us know he needs to go outside and hasn't had an accident in 10 days. He obeys the commands "sit" and "lay down," understands "no" (although he makes it clear he wishes he didn't!), and he's adjusting well to the leash. He's even learning to distinguish his toys' names: he'll go find his tug-rope and bone when we ask him where they are. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night, and now goes into it by himself (although we bribe him with his favorite treats). We do keep him in his crate when we are away because I'm still not sure just HOW housebroken he is. I'm sure one reason he's learned so much so quickly is because we have all been home for the holidays these last few weeks, and he's had tons of attention.

Genius aside, he is a normal puppy, playful and mischievous. He loves tormenting our ever-patient cat, and he's a great paper thief. We don't need a paper shredder anymore because Bailey has taken over that job. Doing laundry has become an adventure because Bailey grabs items out of the pile and scatters them all over the house. Yet, for the most part, he's still an incredibly laid-back puppy. He loves sleeping at my feet when I'm working at my desk, and he is extraordinarily calm in the car, lying down beside me or my husband in the front seat, content to nap with his head on our leg.

Everyday we fall more in love with him than ever, and we cannot imagine our lives without him. Thank you, again, for picking the perfect puppy for us!



From: Martha T.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2005
Subject: Bailey T. 10 month update

Bailey T. 10 month updateHello, Linda. I thought you might want to see how much Bailey has grown. Bailey's personality is delightful. He's never pushy but lets us know very clearly what he wants. His leash hangs from a hall tree and when we walk by, he cleverly blocks our way as he stares up at his leash. It doesn't take a mind reader to know exactly what message he's sending. He does the same with his doggie treat jar and the bathtub (he prefers fresh running water from the bathtub tap). Did I mention he may be a wee bit spoiled?! The one thing he does that amazes me is that he has learned how to wipe his feet when he comes in from outside. We leave a towel on the floor by the door when it's wet outside, and when he comes in, I'll say, "Wipe your feet," and he turns round and round on the towel to wipe his feet.

We've discovered a place nearby that runs a doggie day camp -- complete with fenced in pasture to play in and pond to swim in. Once a week, Bailey goes to doggie camp and plays with all his friends. The owner says Bailey has a great temperament and gets along with all the other dogs.

In July, we sent our 16 year old to camp and Bailey went to doggie camp, so that my husband and I could take a week-long trip. It's honestly hard to say who we missed most, Bailey or our son! So you can see, Bailey is very much a part of our family. We cannot imagine our lives without him. Thank you, again, for doing such a superb job of picking the right puppy for us!




FionaHi Linda! Wow! Time flies when you're having fun!! Fiona is such a great addition to our family. The smartest dog we've ever met and the best behaved. We are having too much fun with her. Everywhere we go, we get the famous question, "that's a beautiful dog, what kind is she?" Not many people have heard of Goldendoodles over here, in fact I think we're the only one in town! Makes Fiona really special!!

FionaThese pictures range from 12-21 weeks. She's now 21 weeks and just weighed in at 25 pounds. She's been potty trained for about a month now, thank GOD!! She was EXTREMELY easy to potty train. She just loves to train, whatever training it may be. It's either that or she really likes the treats that come along with training. hmmmm, I wonder which it could be?!? Thanks again for the wonderful puppy! We'll send more pictures as she get older.

Talk to you soon!

Victor, Tarrah, Emi and Fiona M., Texas



Flash (4 Months)

FlashHi Linda,

Just thought you'd like to see Flash! these days - he's growing and happy and such a good dog. He loves getting a shower and blow dry, going for walks, eating rocks (no!), licking peanut butter out of his Kong toy, stealing socks, wolfing his food down, playing fetch and jumping in water. We are very happy with him. He's a perfect fit for our family and we love him very much! Thank you for creating and sending such a happy people dog!

Debbie P. - Ohio


Read more about Flash on his own page HERE.



Cason B., Dallas, TX
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005


I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of CRASH. He is doing great. High energy and very affectionate. He and Java (my Italian Mastiff) are getting along just fine. I hope you are doing well. Crash, Java and I are all doing fine.


Crash & Cason B.Crash & Cason B.



MagnaRuss and Missi H., Texas.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005

Hi Linda,

Sorry it has taken so long to get a picture of our dear Maggie. Things are great. She is wonderful and has just fit in with our family so well. She is super intelligent and is so loving. Also loves to play with the girls and pretend she is tough by growling, even though we know better! :) We absolutely love her to pieces and will send more photos soon. Hope this email finds you happy and healthy.

The H. Family.



Deborah L. in Tiburon, CA.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hi, Linda.

LoganLogan is doing splendidly! He seems to love California. Lots of new flowers and trees to smell, and he loves lying on the floor by the patio door, letting the bay breeze blow through his hair. We are both so smitten with him.

To make things nicer, he was pretty much crate trained in 4 days, and we are amazed :) He now climbs a big flight of stairs and heads straight to the front door when he wants me to follow him and take him out. Just a spectacular little guy. (Not to worry--we carried him up and down for the first few days until he made it clear he wanted to go up and down on his own.)

Everywhere we go, people stop us to ooh and ah. We'll introduce him to a bit more each day, and we're both confident that he's going to do so well.

He's been making it a full 8 hours in the crate (by our bed) at night and even then we have to start getting up before he'll make any sort of noise that he'd like to go out. I was a bit worried the first couple of days but apparently this little guy is very smart. We are giving him longer and longer periods throughout the day out of his crate, using it primarily at night and when we know he is tired during the day and could use a good nap (which he needs often, apparently.)

Thank you so much for the note. I imagine you must miss him, but please know that he is the love of our lives and both of us are devoting our full attention to giving him the maximum love, support and training every single day.

I've attached the photo we took of him shortly after he arrived. I thought he looked so cute, and I will send you more as he grows.

Take care,
Deborah L.



Hi Linda,

BrinkleyI am sorry it's taken me awhile to get a picture to you...but Brinkley hardly ever sits still!! So my pictures are usually a blur of him! I hope to get a good one of him with my children...if I manage that one, I'll pass it on!

He is still a wonderful little puppy! We just adore him! He is very smart and learns things quickly. His favorite new trick is to "shake" hand/paw and he'll do it over and over! He has mastered "sit" and is doing well on "down."

Thank you again for such an adorable, loving puppy!

Courtnay G.



TuckerFrom: Mark M.        
Sunday, March 13, 2005
Subject: Tucker pictures


We just wanted to send you a new picture of Tucker. We love him, and everywhere we go we are asked what kind of dog he is! We are so proud of him. Many people have asked us where we were able to find him, and we give them your name.

Thank you!
Mark and Nicole M.




Laura S., Austin, Texas

Dear Linda,

AtticusAtticus is doing great! He weighs about 35 pounds now. He was the smallest puppy of the boys and I've wondered how he compares to them now in size. He got neutered last week and is back to normal now. Loved getting rid of the cone thing on his head! He's even resumed his daily walks. We usually walk a couple of miles a day. If we've got time (about once a week) we go five miles. His favorite parts of the walks are other dogs, other people, and SPRINKLERS. Sprinklers are great fun and unpredictable too... the perfect playthings.

Atticus LOVES the water. Every time I take a shower he starts whining and trying to get in the tub. Whenever we turn the tub water on, he jumps up on the side of the tub and tries to get in. This summer he got to swim in Barton Creek (behind our house) and in our neighbor's swimming pool. His hair dries in little dread locks. It's really funny.

He has invented some games with the kids. When they get home from school, he sneaks into their rooms and steals something. Then, he prances through the kitchen, where they're getting their snack, waving it in the air. He loves to get socks, underwear, shoes, towels, etc. Every now and then he gets something that's really too big and comes dragging it through the kitchen. He's become quite a little thief!

AtticusAnother thing he does is throw things at them. Usually, he gets a tennis ball and flings his head at them so that the ball hits them on the leg. If he doesn't throw it at them, he bumps them with a toy when they're walking. He trots right behind them, bump, bump, bumping the back of their leg with the toy. He loves to play fetch. He also loves to play keep-away, where he gets something and the kids chase him all around trying to get it.

We're having a great time with him. As you can tell, he's really smart and very funny. He refuses to be ignored. My husband says he has us trained really well and it didn't take him very long to do it.

Hope all is well with you and your furry friends. We'll send photos when I can get the kids to do it. I still haven't figured the digital camera out! Take care-




Jeremy, Jeff and Lori, Colorado

Dear Linda

Maui is doing great! He was 30 pounds at his last vet visit. He now has all of his puppy shots. Maui spent a lot of time in Breckenridge this summer with my son, in-laws, and their Golden Retriever. In fact, my in-laws neighbor is convinced they ran into one of Maui's litter mates in down-town Breckenridge. (I am guessing it was MAX -- Bev, Tom and Lakota's puppy.)


Anyway, all is well. Maui is a great dog -- has a great personality and is very smart. He was easy to house train, learned sit quickly, and is good on a leash. (We are working on other commands!)

Jeremy, Jeff and Lori,